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Orange Refuses to Cooperate with Israeli Army

Posted by Paula on June 23, 2011

Why am I not surprised?

Israel is a nation at war – it always has been and some say, sadly, it always will be. The Israeli army is one of the best in the world – not because we love war (we don’t), but because we have no choice.

Yesterday there was a national drill. Our country simulated a major attack across the entire land…one that we all fear will come one day. The air raid sirens sounded in the morning and again at night.

The army is constantly looking for ways to improve and one of those improvements includes alerting civilians immediately of an incoming attack. How brilliant, the army thought, it would be to use everyone’s cellular phones. So they approached the cell phone companies and asked them to cooperate. Two of the major ones agreed – Cellcom and Pelephone understand. The army requested to send the following message to all cellular phone users: “Drill — have a nice day, from the Homefront Command.”

Orange/Partner refused to cooperate – how pathetic!

Yesterday there was a national drill. Our country simulated a major attack across the entire land…one that we all fear will come one day. The air raid sirens sounded in the morning and again at night.

In a real emergency, many in our country would be alerted – all cellular phone users…except those unfortunate enough to have chosen Orange as their cellular phone carrier.

The full story of Orange’s pathetic refusal to cooperate can be found here:


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How Long Does it Take?

Posted by Paula on February 8, 2011

How long does it take someone to unlock a phone?


Black market: 15 minutes

Cellcom: 1 hour

Orange: 2.5 weeks and counting

Of course, we have the Complaint number for the phone call in which they said they would not unlock the phone until we had paid our bill.

Of course, they would not listen when we explained, AGAIN, that we did not owe them any money.

Of course, they messed up enough to unlock ONE of the iPhones, but not the other.

Of course, of course…they are violating Israeli law by refusing to unlock the phones.

We called on a Thursday, two and a half weeks ago. They said tomorrow, or Sunday at the latest.

That Sunday, they said…no, we meant NEXT Sunday.

On Sunday, they refused unless we paid our bill. Then they reversed themselves and said they would open it…tomorrow.

Today, they said…tomorrow.

So, how long does it take to unlock a phone – at least as long as it takes to get an Orange manager to actually call you back after Orange promises they will…and we have the names of 25 or so people who have promised this and never delivered.

So, tomorrow my phone will be unlocked…or maybe not.

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The Sins I Won’t Forget

Posted by Paula on January 11, 2011

My father has been forgetting things lately and sometimes gets confused where he is and where he is supposed to be. This morning, he drove my mother to one location and they agreed he would pick her up a few hours later.

Around 1:00 p.m., I got a call from a woman at the place where my mother was teaching, “Can you call your mother right now? She needs to talk to you.”

Now a normal person would wonder why my mother didn’t just simply call me, rather than ask someone to have me call her. Of course, a normal person wouldn’t expect the kind of horrible treatment and customer service we have received from Orange. No, my mother can’t call me because Orange cut our ability to make outgoing calls. And even though they still – more than a week later, haven’t bothered to provide us with all the accounting reports we need and didn’t bother to answer my letter or the letter from my lawyer, still, no service.

So I called my mother – more concerned with her than with wondering, why again, a corporation would invite such bad publicity. “I don’t know where Daddy is!” My mother began.

Trying to calm her on one line, I quickly went into my contacts, found the number on my all-but-useless Orange iPhone and dialed it on my second line (thanks for nothing, Orange; thanks, Cellcom and I am SO sorry we ever moved to Orange!).

My father answered right away. That was the lucky break. He had gotten confused and was waiting in a parking lot 30 minutes away – another place where they often meet, rather than where they had agreed in the morning.

How humiliating for my mother to have to ask someone to call me to ask me to call her.

How incredibly dangerous it is that my father was unable to call out and so was left to stand there wondering where my mother was.

How upsetting to my mother that she had to wonder where my father was.

How incredibly like Orange to not care about the damage they are causing so many people.

Who in God’s name would ever choose to deal with a company as insensitive as this one is beyond my imagination. I long for the day I am so done with this atrocious company and their utterly horrendous customer service.


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