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A Prank Worthy of Orange

Posted by Paula on January 30, 2011

Someone who knows of our cellular agony posted this video to their Facebook page and recommended I watch it. It is brilliant. It is funny. I so would love to do the same here in Israel. Of course, it would likely cause a major security problem as police would break in to confirm it was not a terrorist attack but you can’t help but smile when you watch this.

If you ever dreamed of frustrating a company as they have frustrated you, here’s a point for the little guys!


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Don’t go this route – Sound Advice

Posted by Paula on August 18, 2010

Our ongoing mission to report the agony suffered by other cellular phone users continues. This one comes from Nurit, who was giving advice to another Orange customer.

Here is her story:

Based on advice I received when I had a never-ending issue with Orange,
send *faxes* to their managment office in Rosh Ha’ayin and to their
secretive “Customer Relations” department, (which you only get to if they
have driven you insane). You can get those numbers from a rep at Orange
service. If not, let me know and I’ll look for them among my papers.
Threaten to take further legal action and to write about it in every blog
and forum on the Internet.

I had a huge issue with Orange overcharging me month after month and, even
though they admitted several times that it was their error and promised to
fix it and reimburse me, I had to phone countless times, only to have to
repeat my story each time and to wait for “managers” to phone me back who
didn’t, and when they did, they promised to return the money by xxx date,
and never did. It took them 8 months to stop charging me and to return my
money and that’s only because I was a noodnik, but it cost me a lot in
nerves. *Don’t go this route.*

They will tell you that you didn’t receive the refund because of a technical
problem.They are masters at deceipt and their representatives have been
well-trained to lead you around in circles and drive you crazy until you
give up.

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Orange won’t let me ….

Posted by Paula on August 2, 2010

NR writes on twitter:

Orange won’t let me use the unmetered GPS I pay for because I didn’t buy my handset from them. Yes, they support the model.

And did you know they closed all labs, & any repair equires not having a phone for 2 days!?!?!

Yes, NR, we do know that. Several times, we’ve had to have a phone repaired. First it was my son, who is a soldier. The speaker on the phone wasn’t working. It had to be sent to Orange several times. The first time, the wiped out all his memory and programs. My older son also had a problem with his phone. Orange insisted that the only way to fix the phone was to wipe out the phone’s memory and reformat it. They did that – still has the problem…and no memory – and the two days was wishful thinking – it took more than 3 days to get it back.

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Pay As You Go…or Pay As Orange Wants?

Posted by Paula on August 1, 2010

Send us your cellular agony stories and we’ll publish them here! Let’s work together to make the cellular communications industry responsible!

Michael writes:

Just over 2 years ago, I switched to Orange. For the past 12 months, i have been very unhappy with their so-called customer service. In one case, I agreed to take a sim card, where I was categorically told that it was “pay-as-you-go”. I soon found out that it came with a monthly fixed charge.

I was repeatedly told that it would be removed teh following month. It toook a screaming fit on my part for them to give up the charge.
The sums invovled were small, but the story reflects the service I have received.

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Another Orange Hell Story

Posted by Paula on June 23, 2010

Hi Paula-I thought I’d email you my cell phone hell for your blog. I decided to get a USB modem so I can be online from anywhere. My plan is to pay 89 shekels for 5 gigabytes monthly. I don’t know what that really means but I do know that in my first 5 months, I never exceeded it despite being online often. I don’t download TV shows or movies which I would imagine suck a lot of data.

So what happens last month? I get a phone call from Orange telling me that I had exceeded my limit after only 20 days. By how much? Try 2600 SHEKELS. Are you kidding me???? TWO THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED SHEKELS???? AFTER TWENTY DAYS??? AFTER NEVER HAVING GONE OVER ONCE???? What is my recourse? I asked to see some kind of report and they told me I could do it from their website. I tried after hanging up the phone but couldn’t figure out how (thank you, Hebrew). They were nice enough to lower it to 500 shekels so I’m almost too relieved to fight this part of it but how in G-d’s name could this have happened? Very upsetting.

Jerusalem, Israel

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