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Posted by Paula on December 6, 2010

Truly, I have had enough, suffered enough. It isn’t even a joke anymore. Orange, you are damaging my life, my family, my husband’s health and certainly, my business.

Today, my daughter called me from a friend. Her phone is not working, she told me. I didn’t think anything of it…why should I?

A writer called – something is wrong, he can’t make outgoing calls. Too suspicious to be a coincidence. My husband works in our company and called using someone else’s line to say that he too was having problems. Beyond coincidence, now.

I tried to dial a number using my Orange cellular phone and the message quickly explained that the phone was unable to call out; that I should call Orange for details. My son Elie is a contact person; as am I. Simultaneously, we both called Orange to ask why, without warning, we suddenly were unable to make phone calls. This damages our business; this scares my child. This is completely unacceptable after we have spent months begging Orange to be in touch with us to explain our bills.

Each time we call, they waste more of our time. Each time, the person says this is too difficult for them; that it is being handled by someone higher in the company. But of course, it isn’t being handled.

On Twitter, I post to @OrangeIL – their social media expert. One would think this person, at least, would understand the damage done to Orange’s reputation were the world to know about their horrible service, the forged signatures, the lies. That they are charging us for lines we never got, for equipment never received, for equipment received but for which the lines were never activated because by the time they were almost ready to do it, the people had had enough, and on and on.

@OrangeIL wrote to me and told me to send him/her my cell line using the direct message function of Orange. I did that right away – now, a month later or more, still nothing from @OrangeIL.

People ask about what company to use on Twitter – I answer – NOT Orange. I continue to be ignored by Orange’s so-called social media expert. I tell people to read this blog to understand how many times we have tried to contact Orange.

“Why don’t they just answer you?” people ask me all the time. I have no answer for this most logical question.

We have been trying for 11 months to get someone, anyone, from Orange to explain our bills, explain why we are being charged for equipment we don’t have, why we are being charged for lines we never received, why some of those lines have even been used – to the tune of several thousand shekels, until WE demanded they close the lines.

So today, suddenly and without warning, Orange closed all outgoing calls for an active company, its CEO, Director of Engineering Services, and many of our peripheral writers and yes, some family members too. My son was smarter than me. We both got through to Orange. I was furious. I told them two things:

1. You have ONE HOUR to turn our phones back on. If not, we are going to do what we should have done MONTHS ago, something even people at Orange advised us to do – we are going to the police to file charges for fraud and forgery; we are going to find a lawyer and sue Orange until the next world. One hour, I said, and…

2. I want OUT. I have had enough. Take your equipment – that which you gave us. I can’t do anything about what you claim you gave us but never did. Perhaps look in Gal’s trunk and see if it “fell out of the bag.” I want OUT and I want an answer. Cancel this horrible contract, this endless agony you have put us through.

My son was smarter. You have FIVE MINUTES, he yelled at them. Perhaps it is that his Hebrew is better than mine. Perhaps it is that he was a commander in the army and knows how to scream and demand in that voice that no one, not even me, can argue with.

The phones were turned back on in minutes, but I still want out. Yishai…the latest contact at Orange, says we will get an answer. “WHEN?” I demanded, “within 48 hours?” Even that is too long to wait!

“This could take 4-5 business days,” Yishai answered.

So, we are, as usual, back to holding our breathes and hoping perhaps, for divine intervention. Perhaps, perhaps, God Above can instill in Orange a sense of decency…or at least a sense of customer service. Perhaps simply common sense. You have entrapped us, you have wasted untold hours of our time attempting to fix this problem while you continue to ignore and charge us preposterous amounts of money – mostly for services we aren’t even getting.

Please Orange – just let us OUT.


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A Cellular Demand

Posted by Paula on May 10, 2010

Orange – release us!

We are prepared to go back to Cellcom after your horrendous service and your not willing to even speak to us or explain the bills you sent to us repeatedly.

We have a solution…just release us. You aren’t prepared to uphold the agreements we made. You don’t even know what your representative agreed to, what he promised, what he delivered.

We demand to be released. We will go back to Cellcom – you can have your equipment back…all of it. The phones you said were spares, the phones you delivered to us…the car phones you installed, the broken computer you won’t fix.

Just release us. It is the fastest, easiest, cleanest way to end this horrid relationship. Cancel the three year contract…since you haven’t lived up to it anyway. Cellcom is prepared to take us back and give us a deal similar to the one you haven’t managed to honor.

Release us, Orange – end our cellular agony!

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An Explanation

Posted by Paula on May 9, 2010

Fifteen years ago…my husband wanted to get a cellular phone so that I could reach him as we awaited the birth of our fourth child. My husband investigated various companies and settled on Cellcom.

Despite several instances of bad service, we stayed with Cellcom for fourteen years. We added phones, created a business account, added message packages, etc. As our children grew, we got them cellular phones; employees; me. In the end, we had amassed a 16-line account…and then realized that Cellcom was simply overcharging us, not canceling services they should have, and more. It came to about 8,000 NIS in wrongful billing. We were fed up.

We called Orange. They happily sent down a sales team. We showed them our Cellcom bills and they were duly outraged. They would help us, they explained, leave Cellcom and come to the greener pastures of Orange. All that we got…and much more, they promised, Orange would give us.

At Cellcom, we had free car phones installed in our vehicles – it makes sense from a business point of view as it enables us to speak for hours as we drive. We were not surprised at all when Orange promised us a similar package. We were shocked, later, to find that they were charging us anyway.

We had been given a GPS when we bought a car; Orange told us about new models…they would give us three. Little did we know this too was at a cost.

And on it went…lie upon lie. Gal, our representative, came one day and while we were talking, he took out a stack of iPhone SIM cards and gave it to us. What’s this? I asked him – it’s a present – SIM cards for an iPhone.

“But I don’t have an iPhone?” I told Gal. I had just received my Nokia N97 and was more than happy.

It means you can order an iPhone from the first batch, if you want it. Made no sense to me, but it didn’t cost anything so it didn’t bother me. It was just another lie.

When the dust had settled. Gal had taken 16 Cellcom lines and turned them into 66 Orange lines for which we were being billed. Some – we had never even received and yet Orange had billed us thousands of NIS.

It’s been months since we have begun fighting, arguing, writing, calling. They have canceled 13 lines – we are now being charged for 53…and still we fight.

This blog is about cellular agony. About the agony a major company can put consumers through…and then for months continue to draw money from their account while refusing to offer any explanations for the amounts they charge.

And so we fight. If you have a similar story – for any cellular company…we welcome you and ask you to join us and tell us your story. Print your name or leave it out – these companies have to be made responsible. They have to stop cheating their customers and lying.

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