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How it all began

Cellular Agony

Posted by Paula on March 3, 2010

If you’ve had a bad experience with a cellular phone company, we hope you’ll join us in documenting it here.

Cellular agony is not a medical term, but a social one. Phone companies have traditionally had great power over those of us who simply can’t survive in the business or personal realm without a phone…and who can, right?

This site is dedicated to two companies in Israel who have proven again and again that the customer isn’t always right, that service doesn’t have to be given with a smile…and worst of all…you can lie and cheat and even when you are caught, you can continue to cause great agony. These pages document Cellcom and Orange…we hope you’ll add your experiences as well to help share with us.

For now, we present two cases of Cellular Agony:

  • Orange (Partner) Israel
  • Cellcom – Israel

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