Cellular Agony

Dealing with Phone Companies

About Cellular Agony

Do you have a cellular phone? Who doesn’t these days?

And yet, in many countries, the cell companies are able to charge what they want, lock you in to long contracts, and, in some cases, simply cheat you blind.

Our business has now dealt with two cellular companies in Israel. We were with the first (Cellcom) for almost 15 years, finally leaving them because the service was so bad, the prices unreasonable, and worst of all, when we made any change to the agreement (added a messaging package and then tried to stop it), our requests were ignored. In the end, we determined that the company had taken more than $2,000 without reason.

We tried calling them, working with them, etc. and finally gave up. We moved to Orange…only to be amazed that we had landed in an even worse place. This site begins with the documenting of our experiences with Cellcom and Orange and we hope others will join us and share their cellular agonies. Perhaps then, these companies will learn that they must deliver what they promise.

Join us – write to us – give your agony a voice!


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