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Leaving Pelephone

Posted by Paula on June 10, 2014

We decided to leave Pelephone and are now investigating possibilities. We won’t go back to Orange – not if they gave us 10 years of free service and 15 letters of apology. We considered Cellcom. We have called Golan and Rami Levy – both possibilities.

We decided to give Pelephone one last try. New members can join for 50 shekels a month…they’ll offer us 65 shekels to continue. Yeah, that’s great.

My husband went today to the Talpiot office of Pelephone to speak to them. And met an incredibly insulting manager. When he saw my husband was recording the conversation – the manager took the loudspeaker and started calling out “We’re Cellcom” – “We’re Cellcom” – “We’re Cellcom” –  most of the other Pelephone workers laughed though at least the security guard had the decency to look embarrassed.

Pelephone – what do you do, hire 5-year-olds to manage your offices?

How insulting!

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