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Update – July, 2013 – Salvation?

Posted by Paula on July 15, 2013

It’s been almost 18 months since I posted. During that time, for the most part, two things have been happening:

1. We’ve been happy Pelephone subscribers. Once we had a problem where we found they had over-billed us. We called them to complain thinking we’d begun the slippery slope into hell with yet another cell phone company. They were polite. They apologized. They fixed the debit the following month with a credit.

2. We’ve been receiving Orange bills on and off. For what imagined service, God alone knows. I’m not even convinced that Orange knows! The bill when we left Orange was somewhere around 40,000 NIS (that’s about $12,000). By now, it’s climbed to over 85,000 NIS (over $20,000). You have to give them credit for creativity on this one. No services, no phone calls – and yet it still manages to go up thousands of NIS per month? No clue.

So every once in a while, triggered either by a comment or story I hear, or triggered by yet another bill – I’ll go on Twitter and Facebook and complain about the rotten service we got, the ridiculous bill, etc.

During this time, Orange contacted us a few times, set meetings with their lawyers – to which we usually responded…bring it on…and then a day or so before the meeting, they called to cancel it. No progress. I was waiting for them to sue us, ready to gather up the mountains of emails, mistakes, etc. ready…but not anxious.

Two weeks ago, I had another twitter flutter and once again got the innocuous response that they’re sorry we’ve had trouble and if we send them a private note with our phone number, they’ll be happy to call. So been there, done that…so don’t want to go and do it again.

But whatever…so I wrote them and Victor called me. On the one hand, I didn’t want to go through the whole story again; on the other hand, it all poured out – along with a fair amount of anger for all the suffering we have gone through.

Victor said he’d call me back. I didn’t believe him. It wouldn’t be the first time Orange said they’d call back; it wouldn’t be the tenth. Perhaps somewhere in the 30s or 40s, who knows?

A few days later, Victor called back. I was shocked. I was amazed. And then, I was even more amazed. According to Victor, the week before, Orange closed our account and canceled the invoice. I decided to be cautiously optimistic, hopeful. I would get a letter from Orange confirming this in the next few days.

Could you send this to me now? No…

I waited a few days and a letter from Orange came…it had a coupon for 70 NIS to spend in their store. I couldn’t believe it.

I posted on Twitter – you tell me you’re canceling an 85,000 NIS bill and instead you send me a coupon for 70 NIS? Seriously????

Victor called me back. He said I misunderstood. That the billing period ends on the 13th of the month and within a week after that, I should receive a credit notification. Could this be the end? After so many years of agony – could we finally be nearing the end of this misery?

Stay tuned, I guess…

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