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January 2012…still not solved

Posted by Paula on January 9, 2012

A few updates. First – nothing has happened with Orange towards resolution. We got a letter threatening to sue us for over 80,000 NIS. We called the lawyers office, only to find it was more answering service than a legal agency and the secretary wanted to handle our call.

Your lawyer took the time to write or at least sign a letter, I told the woman – have her call me.

“I can handle this,” she told me.

“No, you can’t,” I responded.

Two days later, the lawyer called and almost as soon as she said her name, I blasted her with as much of the story as I could get out. Go ahead and sue me, I told her – God help you.

She said she wanted to meet with us…and then two days or so before the meeting, they called to cancel, promising to reschedule. I’m pretty sure I posted this part already – of course, Orange being Orange, they never rescheduled.

That was months ago. I was so disgusted – yet again, but the unprofessional and simply cruel way they conduct business, I wrote a letter to the Ministry of Communication. It took several more weeks, but suddenly, Orange started calling us asking for a meeting.

Of course, they never set a date; and of course they never called back. Orange remains.

Today, I got a Twitter post – after posting a wonderful article detailing a legal firm initiating a lawsuit for 400 million shekels against Orange. The post from Orange:

If you can’t read it, it says @ASoldiersMother (that’s me on Twitter) Hello, we’re sorry about your experience. Pls send you number via DM (direct message) and we will contact you soon.

Of course, I’ve send them the number before – they never contacted us.

Of course, I checked their twitter feed; it is filled with the same post – again and again, to others.

I hope that lawyer wins; I hope Orange loses – more, I wish they would just release us from the agony of their sending bills to us, but ignoring us endlessly.

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