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Posted by Paula on April 12, 2011

I am amazed at how many emails, Facebook comments and Twitter tweets I get detailing ways in which people have been cheated by Orange. Here’s the latest from a woman named Shira:

I have been lied to by several agents at Orange. I think that’s how they make their money. Most recently was at the end of January, when they were trying to pressure me into taking a plan with a contract – the guy was telling me that there is a new law in Israel, that would be going into effect on Feb 1st, whereby communications companies would not be allowed to hold ppl under contract. I then got a manager calling me back trying to pressure me into signing up for this “1 year” contract that would supposedly be automatically voided on Fed 1st – not only did she keep changing the time limit of her offer, but it was a complete lie! There are also services on my acct that I’ve cancelled but am still being billed for. I’m switching to Cellcom once I get up the koach [strength] to deal with it…”

2 Responses to “Emails from Others”

  1. Joel Benjamin said

    I came across your site looking for a lawyer to file a class action suit against Pelephone. I want to put up a website so all Hebrew speaking Israeli cellphone owners can tell their unique story when it comes to how they got cheated or taken advantage by one of the three companies. Would love to talk to you about your situation. Please be in touch. Also, if you happen to know a lawyer who would love to take on Pelephone, please put me in touch with them.

    Joel Benjamin
    052 600 5312

  2. Jan Kumar said

    Hi Joel
    Just wondering if you had any luck. My son came to israel from new zealand a lone solider and not speaking any english. He has been screwed over by the phone company. He couldnt speak Hebrew he had no one there for him. the customer serivce person told him what the contract said and him being trusting sign. He then got huge phone bills between 1500 and 2000 a month he went back got a different person, sign sometimes else, they promised this would take care of it. This happened a number of times. In the end he gave up as the costs got higher and higher, Now he has a bill of 17000 shackles he was in the army were he only got 1000 a month, this is a year and half of army service pay. If you have any advice please help. I am writing to the minister, he has got a horrible letter threatening him. He is still alone over there and now can speak hebrew but still does not read it that well in fact he could not understand the threatening letter they sent him

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