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Emails from Others

Posted by Paula on April 12, 2011

I am amazed at how many emails, Facebook comments and Twitter tweets I get detailing ways in which people have been cheated by Orange. Here’s the latest from a woman named Shira:

I have been lied to by several agents at Orange. I think that’s how they make their money. Most recently was at the end of January, when they were trying to pressure me into taking a plan with a contract – the guy was telling me that there is a new law in Israel, that would be going into effect on Feb 1st, whereby communications companies would not be allowed to hold ppl under contract. I then got a manager calling me back trying to pressure me into signing up for this “1 year” contract that would supposedly be automatically voided on Fed 1st – not only did she keep changing the time limit of her offer, but it was a complete lie! There are also services on my acct that I’ve cancelled but am still being billed for. I’m switching to Cellcom once I get up the koach [strength] to deal with it…”

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An Update

Posted by Paula on April 4, 2011

About a week ago, my mother got a phone call. It was from a lawyer who said he represented Orange. He wanted to know who the owner was and who he could talk to about outstanding invoices. My mother was partially amused, partially amazed. Isn’t it funny that Orange and all cellular phone companies are careful to designate “Contact” people – and suddenly, their own lawyer doesn’t have a clue who to speak to, “do your own work and figure it out,” she told the lawyer.

A few minutes later, my father’s phone rang and my mother answered it, “You again?” the lawyer asked. Again, my mother refused to give him my name or phone number. He called my son next, eventually my husband. He never did call my number.

A week ago, on one day, I received two envelopes from Orange – one was for a bill – the latest they claim we owe them is about 48,000 NIS (about $15,000). Amazingly enough, despite disconnecting 8 phone lines and not using any of the remaining…67 they have magically assigned to us, or bills still hover in the thousands of shekels mark. But the really funny thing was the second envelope. This was from the lawyer who claims we owe over 80,000 NIS.

Meanwhile, we have moved 8 lines to Pelephone and are receiving lower bills and better service – hey, at least they actually answer us and when they say they will call back, they do!

In the meantime, we have identified another name of someone similarly cheated by Orange using the same representative. And so life continues. The lawyer we first discussed the case with won’t work – sadly, our wonder workers seem to have broken up their company. The very helpful one has left; the other refuses to answer our emails. Luckily, we insisted on their writing up their conclusions that we can use in court to details Orange’s faulty and criminal actions.

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