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Posted by Paula on February 22, 2011

They say you should never compare your children. Luckily, the same is not true of your cellular phone companies and the services they offer. Case and point: reception.

Where we live, by far, Orange reception was the worst; Cellcom was better. Pelephone reception was unknown to us when we closed the deal to move eight lines away from Orange – it was enough to just escape the agony of having to deal with Orange. Almost immediately after opening the service with Orange in January of 2010 (despite their beginning to charge us in September, 2010 for phones that were not activated), we realized that my husband was virtually unreachable in the apartment downstairs at ground level. Reception was non-existent. We asked Orange to do something and right away, they told us there was an easy fix – that was yet another of Gal’s pathetic lies.

We have emails promising to bring in a repeater; we have a recording of Eliron promising to fix the problem quickly. Well, as you probably know by now, Orange’s idea of quick service is about equal to the amount of time it would take a dead turtle to crawl a mile…as in – it isn’t going to happen.

We waited almost a full year, repeatedly asking for the repeater – and nothing. All they could offer was to redirect the phone calls from my husband’s phone to the house line when he was in the office – gee, that’s great service. Why bother having a mobile phone if all you do is redirect to the land line?

So, with a bit of concern, we mentioned this bad reception to Pelephone. They promised a repeater and my husband and I looked on skeptically. We wondered how we would get thTwo weeks later, they came today to install a repeater that has less radiation than a standard phone, and increases the reception dramatically. Not only did they install it; not only did they make sure it looked esthetically pleasing, they even stuck around to do tests to make sure it works.

Man, Orange – they sure made you look pathetic today!


2 Responses to “Comparing Cellular Services”

  1. Leah said

    Just a heads up – it’s case in point, not case and point.
    Otherwise, great post!


    Pelephone for me has been a nightmare. I moved to a place and have no reception. Pelephone told me that I needed to go to their service center to repair the phone (it is a brand new latest version Samsung Galaxy II.) I took it to the service center anyway and they gave me a replacement phone which must be at least 7 yrs not in usage, I don’t even know what it was, but small with no internet, no anything but making and receiving calls. That phone also had NO reception in my house.
    For 5 days I had the replacement phone and had to return to Pelephone to get my cell phone back. When I came home, still No reception. I called them, from a place outside which has reception and told them.

    They said that it must go through some department and they were taking care of it, or would. Now the waiting began. After 2 weeks, I still hadn’t heard anything, and I called and told them. The tech dept told me that they were going to spend over 4,000 NIS to fix the problem in the area, and I waited some more.

    A few days later, Pelephone called me and offered me two options: 1. They would give me a blue tooth which I can use while at home or 2. All calls can be directed to my house permanently. Neither option is an answer, since if the blue tooth is lost, I will be in the same situation and if the calls are all going to my home phone and I cannot make any calls from the cell (I pay Pelephone for 500 minutes a month) I have no use for the cell phone. I didn’t buy it to play games on.

    Another two weeks passed and I found this blog. Asoldiersmother said that she got a repeater from pelephone after 2 weeks, but I am not getting anything close to that. To get hold of the service dept is one problem, which takes a long time, but then the lack of service is an even worse problem.

    I suggest to everyone to STAY AWAY FROM PELEPHONE. If you have a place with no reception, they don’t care, they tell you stories and make you wait for nothing. I suggest trying a different company. My phone always has reception from Orange and Cellcom, just not Pelephone.

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