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Posted by Paula on February 12, 2011

We went to our first meeting with the lawyer on Friday. It was a good meeting. He listened, he saw, and the evidence is so amazingly clear. He feels confident that we can easily win on the financial damages, the over-charging, the ridiculous claims of lines we never got, equipment we never received, etc.

That was the easier part. The harder part will be showing the tremendous damage this has done to our family, to our business. That is what the lawyer will now check and do research on and then get back to us.

How do you put value on the agony we have suffered?

The lawyer feels this is so obvious, we could likely get Orange to compensate us for the monetary issues that Gal caused by forgery and fraud, by manipulation and falsehoods. But he also is sure that Orange will never pay for the time they have stolen from us, the endless hours of phone calls begging them to listen, the damages to business and clients. This is not something they will recognize without it going to court.

But it is something that the courts will likely pay attention to – if the judge has elderly parents, she will be infuriated at the dangers of cutting elderly people off without means of communication.

If the judge has a son in the army, the situation in which our son found himself and our inability to call him, will resonate there.

Further, a simple look at the emails and lists of phone calls will be enough to show what Orange has done – in malice, in spite, in indifference.

Before we started this, in the first meeting with the wonder workers, they asked us what we wanted. As I wrote here – all we wanted was for Orange to just release us. Take their stupid phones and their stupid billing and just end our agony. As the Orange manager so eloquently put it, that deal is gone; water under the bridge; ended, over, not on the table.

Now, we told the lawyer, now we go for the damages they caused, for the agony of having made the huge mistake of dealing with them.

No longer towards resolution, now we go for justice.

One Response to “The Lawyer”

  1. tzippy said

    I need a lawyer to sue Pelephone. Was yours good?

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