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Adi’s Latest Lies

Posted by Paula on February 7, 2011

We spoke to Itzik – someone new – at Orange. He is the manager of the Customer Connections division (whatever that is). He’s a manager. He’s got little time, but he wants to solve this. No, just kidding.

He says that Adi, God knows what her position is, offered to cancel all the unused lines a while back. “What does that mean?” my son asks. “Does it mean you will refund the money you took for those lines?” My son explained to Itzik that we didn’t order these lines. This was Orange’s incompetence at best – outright fraud at worst.

“No, it doesn’t mean that,” Itzik counters, “and anyway, it doesn’t matter. That deal is off the table.”

That deal, that Adi supposedly offered to us, was never on the table. It was never offered to us. Adi lied about that – what a surprise.

Itzik has no solution for us and no, he doesn’t want to resolve this. He understands that there is no where to go but court. “If you want to go to court,” Itzik says, “go ahead.”

Gee, Itzik – what in God’s name makes you think we need your permission?

And so – we look forward to our meeting with the lawyer later this week. Our wonder workers will be there at the meeting to explain to the lawyer all that they have discovered.

Orange was offered, time and time again, to resolve this. They leave us no choice and with that realization comes relief so grand. I wonder how a judge will respond when he hears of all that Orange has done to us; all we have suffered.

At some point, I hope he will turn to the Orange lawyers and say quite simply, “you are idiots.”


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