Cellular Agony

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A Message for Gal

Posted by Paula on February 7, 2011

It was so interesting to meet you. You are so charming, so helpful. You were helpful when you promised that Orange would not bill us until we had completed our dealings with Cellcom. You lied.

You were so helpful when I told you months later that Orange was taking money and I didn’t know why. You said they shouldn’t have, and you would check it out. You lied then too.

You told my husband that he needed to sign the contract and he gave you his electronic signature. You were so helpful when you put it on another 40+ pages that he didn’t sign. That’s apparently called fraud.

You were so helpful when you stamped my corporate stamp on the places you wanted me to sign. Except the one that you must have missed. But it’s okay, apparently “someone” signed the page with my signature anyway – of course, that’s called forgery.

You were so helpful when you offered to give us new SIM cards to replace the confusion of which phones went with what SIM card. Of course, you then activated both sets and helped Orange to charge us for 66 lines as compared to the 16 we had ordered. That’s called deceit.

Yes, you were so charming and so dishonest. And now we find you’ve done the same thing to others. And we’ve told Orange this…and yet, you still work there. Isn’t that proof that Orange rewards dishonesty?

I wonder if you cheated anyone else today; if you took someone’s account and began someone else’s cellular agony today as you created mine a bit over a year ago.

I wish you could read English. I wish you could understand this blog or that someone would read it to you. I wish, truly wish we never had the misfortune of meeting you or the company you work with.

The good news, I keep telling myself, is that soon the lawyer will deal with this. Soon, I think, very soon, you’ll have to appear in court and explain yourself. That will be interesting. I wonder if you will be charming; I wonder if you’ll smile. More…I wonder if you’ll lie.



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