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Malice or Incompetence?

Posted by Paula on January 24, 2011

Orange is still not giving us the codes we need to unlock the phones. Latest is that they are now telling us it will take yet another week.

We asked them on Thursday – they told us they would give us the codes on Sunday. Nothing – no calls, no SMS – typical Orange.

My son called until he had a headache and couldn’t deal with it any more. This too is damage and harm they cause. We are all physically worn out by having to deal with their incompetence and lies.

Today, Orange called –  a day late. Good news, says the woman. I have the code to unlock your phone.

“My phone?” my son asked.

“Yes, your phone.”

“My PHONES,” my son said, “I have many phones that need to be unlocked, not just one!”

“Oh,” was the intelligent response of the woman who had taken almost 5 days to accomplish what Cellcom had done in one hour. “Oh.”

“That could take up to five days,” she responded.

“Five days from WHEN?” asked my son.

“From today,” she answered.

And so, we are, as usual, waiting for Orange. Their incompetence simply astounds me. Maybe, I’m thinking, maybe it isn’t pure malice that has caused this situation. Maybe, must maybe it is astounding, unparalleled, incomprehensible stupidity and incompetence.

Now there’s a thought.


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