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The Tide Turns

Posted by Paula on January 21, 2011

The tide has turned on our fight with Orange. Until now, we have been alone. Suffering the agony of dealing with a company that lacks ethics, hires people who are encouraged to lie, rewarded by how many SIM cards they sell or swindle the person into taking.

The tide has turned.

We have gotten enough reports from Orange (not necessarily with their cooperation) to have determined that at the current moment, even using their mistaken and inflated figures and charges, even ignoring the promises they didn’t keep, after all this time, they actually owe us money. And we are talking about thousands of shekels, not a few pennies here or there.

We had a great meeting today with a representative of another company. The timing could not have been better. In the middle of the meeting, we got an SMS from Orange. They are cutting off the 7 lines they opened for us two weeks ago. They only opened them for incoming calls. The idea was to give us two weeks to resolve this issue. Of course, it was assumed they wanted to resolve it too – but to date, they have not given us the reports that we requested – in writing and by telephone.

They have not set up a meeting date, nor have they answered any of our emails or letters. We told them they had 24 hours to turn our lines back on. We go an automatic response saying they would answer within 48 hours.

Our lawyer recommended we wait the full 48 hours so that they would have no excuses. It has been more than 96 hours – days of more suffering.

In the middle of today’s meeting, the SMS came in. I got up from the meeting and rushed to the telephone to call my parents, to warn them that once again, they might be cut off without warning.

I pray this is the last time Orange has such power to send me into a panic; that soon we will never have to deal with this company…except across a court hearing where we will explain to the judge that the power this company has to destroy businesses and endanger lives is unacceptable given how they wield this power so cruelly.

The tide has turned and amazingly enough, for once I am happy to see that Orange is too stupid to listen. I long for the day when this will come before the judge and I can describe the damage they have caused, the harm, the agony.

And amazingly enough – it has all been for nothing. We don’t even owe them any money. They owe US. We paid enough to offset our actual charges. The rest is their own inflated incompetence. If you charge someone for 50 extra lines, you probably shouldn’t be surprised that it will come back to haunt you.

The tide has turned.


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