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The Legal Battle Begins

Posted by Paula on January 11, 2011

Not only did Orange ignore virtually all of our emails requesting meetings and resolution…

Not only did Orange ignore all of our questions and complaints about Gal and the original representatives and their lies…

Not only did Orange lie repeatedly in their endless promises to call us back…

Not only did they shut our phones without warning…

Not only did they attempt to blackmail us by demanding we pay them 10,000 NIS before they would even agree to turn a single phone back on for incoming call…

Not only do they ignore the needs of my elderly parents, my children, my workers, my business…

Not only have the continually ignored not just our demands for explanations, but our more recent requests for missing records…

They are even dumb enough to ignore letters from our lawyers.

More than 10 days since we sent our letters to Orange.

More than 7 days since they received our letters.

More than a year of cellular agony.

But now, finally, I know we are on the right path. Soon, very soon, Orange will be held accountable for:

  • The lies
  • The forgeries
  • The fraud
  • The overbilling
  • The refusal to answer our requests for meetings, phone responses, information, explanation

Soon…the legal battle begins.


2 Responses to “The Legal Battle Begins”

  1. N said

    Another grisly incidence with Orange service last week. I will not bore you with the details. I want only to say this: within a year there will be six additional mobile phone companies in the market, one of whom is Rami Levi. I will be among the many who celebrate as we watch Orange’s new marketing strategy turn into groveling for our business.

  2. Please feel free to post your grisly story – that is what this blog is about. It is time for all of us to document what agonies these companies are causing us. I too look forward to the day when Orange will grovel for our business – and even then, I won’t return to Orange.

    Most of all, I look forward to the day their lawyers have to stand in court and explain the way their company has treated us; what they did to my parents, my soldier son. I can’t wait to hear the explanation for how they took 16 Cellcom lines and created 66 and then had the nerve to tell us that they are willing to cancel them but not reimburse us for the money they took without permission. And when they finish, I can’t wait for the judge to stare at them in wonder and just laugh at the utter absurdity of their lies.

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