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“Cause if you don’t, who’ll fly with you?”

Posted by Paula on December 28, 2010

In life, I have always believed, you can laugh or you can cry. I prefer, as much as possible, to laugh and though I must confess that Orange has driven me to tears a number of times in the last few days, I have decided that absurdity drys tears and I can laugh again.

I feel bad for so many others who have also been cheated, but with each story I hear, I feel less like the fool. At some point, the responsibility for this disgraceful behavior belongs not with those who have been cheated, but with the company that keeps lying to its customers.

So today’s headlines must make even Orange representatives realize that soon, so soon, they will finally have to pay for the damages they cause, the lies they tell. There’s a great line in a YouTube song by Dave Carroll who tried to make United Airlines take responsibility for the guitar they broke. They refused and Dave took to YouTube – and United stock fell. One line in the third video warns United that if they don’t shape up and start holding themselves responsible for the damages “cause if you don’t, who’ll fly with you?”

More and more people in Israel must ask themselves – if Orange won’t be honest and deal in honor with its clients, who will be fooled enough to open an account and use their services.

This latest lie crosses all boundaries into the absurd.

Here’s the latest example of Orange’s lack of integrity: http://www.mako.co.il/news-money/consumer/Article-179c210f5ab2d21004.htm&Partner=rss (in Hebrew) See our next post for a summary of what this one says.



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