Cellular Agony

Dealing with Phone Companies

The Final Frontier

Posted by Paula on December 26, 2010

When you try to talk to a company – and they won’t listen.

When you send emails – and they don’t answer.

When you call them – and they promise to call back and don’t.

When they lie to you about dates and agreements, prices, call backs and all else…

When all else fails, it seems it is time to move to the final frontier.

Today, after months of trying to resolve this, of being driven with their silence towards this day, the final battle has begun.

Orange – understand – you may be big, but my experience has shown that the bigger the entity is, the more noise it makes when it falls.

We have resisted publishing all the details of the agreements we made and the way in which Orange failed to fulfill their contract. And now it begins. Stay tuned.


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