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Meir Says – Trust Me

Posted by Paula on December 26, 2010

It’s hard, Meir.

Here we are, once again, waiting on the line. Waiting for a manager. Meir says the manager will call us back today. But that’s what Yishai said on December 14.

“The manager is very busy,” Meir explains. “He’s taking care of other clients.”

“It’s hard for me to believe,” I tell Meir, “that Orange has messed up other clients as badly as they have messed us up.”

We have now spent an hour asking Meir to transfer us to a manager. He refuses.

We asked him how much we owe – he says it is too complicated an account and he doesn’t know.

He says he will ask the manager to call back. How, we ask him – when you have closed our lines. How will you call us back. He has no answer.

For the last three hours, I have been unable to get any business calls. For this, Orange will pay.

For lying about the number of lines we ordered – for this Orange will pay.

For signing my name to a document – that I did not sign – for this Orange will pay.

For all the lies they have told us – for this Orange will pay.

For the lies of their representatives – starting with Gal who created the mess with the first Liron – for this Orange will pay.

Here is a partial list of the Orange representatives who have told us again and again that they would call us back…that they would explain…

Today alone, we have talked to 25 representatives. We just finished again with Finance – after telling them not to transfer us back to business. Thanks, Sharin, for nothing.

So we are back on hold waiting for business. How do you deal with a company that only wants you to pay, but won’t explain.

Sharin told me we owed 62,000 NIS. I told her wait, I got a bill this morning from Orange that says we owe 36,000. We paid more than 40,000 – according to our records, maybe you owe US 36,000. Send someone here to explain the bills, I say again.


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