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A Summary of a Day in Orange

Posted by Paula on December 26, 2010

Today, Orange cut our lines.

They offered to turn them back on – for two weeks – if we give them 10,000 NIS.

They can’t explain why we owe them that money because they have ignored all our emails with questions about the billing.

In one conversation, they said we owed 62,000 NIS and 37,000 NIS. They haven’t got a clue – and still refuse to meet with us to explain how they came up with their totals as compared to all the missing items in the bills (equipment we never received, yet for which they bill; and mistakes in numbers and more). Each bill has a credit of over 1,000 NIS – and yet no explanation what that credit is for.

Our bills are now averaging 1,900 NIS – close to the 2,000 – 3,000 we paid monthly to Cellcom – but that doesn’t take into account the 8,000 NIS we paid every month until we finally got smart and stopped the auto-deduct option from our account. That was in February after we sent a lot of emails to Orange asking for an explanation. Then as now – nothing.

But what today different from all others, including the day two weeks ago when they turned our phones off for 3 minutes…was that this time when they turned them off, they refused to turn them back on.

This time, like last time, they shut them without warning.

This time, like last time, they cut off our workers, family and friends – and kept them cut off.

And worse – this time, they cut off a soldier from his future wife, two elderly parents, and a young child.


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