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When All Else Fails, Harassment?

Posted by Paula on December 23, 2010

You can’t make this stuff up…you really can’t.

Yesterday, I went to a networking event in Jerusalem and met some friends there. One approached me about the Orange situation. He believes we are going about this all wrong. That Orange has no reason to settle with us because we keep trashing their name.

“If they would talk to us, explain the bills, settle this, we wouldn’t trash their name,” I explained.

“Too late,” he said. “You’ve made a lot of posts, a lot of tweets, one post or tweet can’t take it all back.”

Okay, there is logic in that – but why are we here in the first place? Because Orange didn’t meet us, didn’t answer our calls, our requests for service.

On December 5, without warning, Orange closed our ability to make outgoing calls. By ours, I mean our entire company. They want to be paid. So do I. Do they owe us money for the thousands of shekels they took in incorrect billing, or do I, after not paying anything for 6 months, owe them money?

The problem remains that Orange won’t tell us anything – until we pay.

And how much should we pay? They won’t’ tell us – until we pay.

This might be funny if it weren’t so pathetic and didn’t stink of such horrendous treatment by one of Israel’s largest cellular phone companies. We were very upset that they were damaging our ability to operate our business so unfairly. My son, a contact name for the company, called up Orange and told them – you have FIVE minutes to get our phones back on or we go to the police. We will show them the documents, we will show them what bills we have and the phone lines we never received.

Three minutes later – the phones were back on. Progress, I thought? I called Orange and explained that we surrender. We cannot stand the agony anymore. Let us out. Take your phones and cancel the contract you haven’t fulfilled anyway. I spoke to Yisha – this was December 5. He told me that it would take 4-5 business days for a response.

It is now December 23 – 14 (fourteen) business days later and no call.

And today, Orange sent a note via all our telephones telling our employees that if we are having financial problems, we should contact them for assistance. Is this cellular terrorism? What is it about this company that they can’t understand a simple request: EXPLAIN YOUR BILLS.

My friend says I have to find another way to get Orange to address this and stop ignoring us. You’d think they would pay attention to a client simply because that’s what is included in the supposed service contract. You’d think they would understand we have no other options. You’d think they would want to end this cellular agony as much as we do.

Well, when dealing with Orange, I guess thinking is useless. And so, the agony continues.


2 Responses to “When All Else Fails, Harassment?”

  1. Rahel said

    Have you contacted Shil (sherut yi’utz la-ezrah) in Jerusalem? They provide free legal consultations, and perhaps they could furnish some new insight.

  2. S said

    Have you tried to turn to the consumer rights council?



    Also, there are some radio and TV program hosts that literally call the abusive companies, asking for explanations and representing your rights. I have heard numerous (insane) stories that were resolved after their intervention because the companies are afraid of the publicity over the media. I can’t remember the names of the specific hosts but maybe you can look into that? (If you have not already done so ).

    Finally, maybe you could sue them? I believe that you can file in small claims court for up to NIS 20K and the procedure (trial) is usually pretty fast.

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