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What happened to Sunday?

Posted by Paula on December 14, 2010

It’s Tuesday here in Israel. A beautiful day outside and yet another day Orange failed to call as promised.

Here’s today’s email – sent to direct@orange.il


December 14, 2010

We spoke to someone last week on Sunday after our phones were suddenly shut down and we couldn’t make outgoing calls. We demanded that the lines be turned on IMMEDIATELY and that we speak to a manager. The phones were turned on within minutes, but a manager did not call us as promised.

I demanded to be released from our contract because Orange has violated our trust, forged my name, refused constant requests for service. I was told by Yishai that someone would answer my request in “4-5 business days”. The fourth business day was Thursday. The fifth business day was Sunday. The 6th was Monday. The 7th was today, Tuesday.

WHEN will be get an answer. We want the contract canceled IMMEDIATELY. We are willing to return ALL phones. We believe that Orange should take their phones and cancel all outstanding invoices and release our numbers back to us. We will contact Cellcom, Pelephone – even Rami Levy – ANYONE who can give us better service than the agony we have suffered from Orange.

I have posted all our emails on our blog – Cellular Agony: http://www.cellularagony.wordpress.com and will continue to do so until the agony ends! Please just let us OUT.




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