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Premium…Where are YOU?

Posted by Paula on December 11, 2010

In the middle of the mess with Orange when they suddenly cut off our phones, I got this email from my husband who was working onsite for our company and was suddenly unable to make outgoing calls.

Sunday, December 5…

Hi Paula,

I cannot make any outgoing calls.

The last time I spoke with Orange they said that someone from Premium will
contact me to resolve all the issues. This actually puts us back to where
we were back in February 2010, except that they wasted our time and gave
us work. Unfortunately they made us write reoprt for them, with a
committment that they would also make efforts. Unfortunately, they made NO
EFFORTS to resolve their thieft.

The last person that I spoke to was Eliezer, who called me to tell me that
I will be contacted by Premium. Obviously, Premium does not want to get
involved in this Orange mess. Their service number associated with this
call is 282613484.

Let me know if you can reach Orange to get the lines open. This is ridiculous!


Well, my son and I frantically called Orange, wasted more time on the phone. My son threatened that if the phones were not open in 5 minutes, we were going to the police for fraud and lawyers to finally try to reclaim some of the massive damages caused by Orange’s ongoing actions. The phones were opened in three minutes flat.

I spoke to Yishai, who said there was nothing he could do. He could not put someone on the phone to help. He could not explain the bills. He could not resolve anything. I told him I demanded a phone call back from someone who COULD do something. I told him we wanted OUT of this horrible service, this horrible contract, this horrible AGONY.

He said it would take 4-5 business days. This was last Sunday and obviously, according to Yishai, that day didn’t count in his reckoning. So…Monday, Tues, Wednesday, Thursday. Thursday or Sunday, Yishai said.

Thursday came and went – no call. It is no Saturday night in Israel – will Orange call tomorrow? Will Premium EVER get back to us? At this point, I am sure God knows – I doubt Orange does.

And so the agony continues.


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