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Is no news good news?

Posted by Paula on October 14, 2010

It may be a philosophical question when you’re going about your normal life and things are quiet, but when you are waiting…desperately, agonizingly waiting for a company to get back to you to simply explain why they feel they are entitled to rip you off blind to charge way more than the price they quoted to continue to charge without any accountability, time lingers and causes stress.

No, when a company sends you bill after bill – the only real contact we have with Orange at this point, and yet they refuse to explain those bills or answer real questions as to how…how in the world they got to those figures, it is all a mystery.

We have long since canceled their ability to debit our account automatically. At this point, we probably do actually owe them money – even according to the figures we agreed up, not the inflated numbers they charged us without rhyme or reason, but we have no way of estimating what those numbers might be or even if we do owe them.

We’d be happy to settle up with them. We paid Cellcom diligently, on time and in full for almost 15 years until we realized they had not credited us for several important elements and so we had to fight them to get it back (we were even told they’d only return the money if we signed for another three year contract before we finally managed to get the money back).

So we switched to Orange…sad, but true…and now we wait…day by day, promise after promise, agony after agony.


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