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September 5…nothing new…sad

Posted by Paula on September 30, 2010

If my husband had a dollar for every hour he spent on trying to resolve this problem; a dollar for each email he has sent; a dollar for each day they ignore him – we’d likely be able to buy a decent amount of Orange stock…then again, why would we want to?

We’ve been running our own company for more than 15 years. We run it based on offering customer service and honesty. If only…if only.

Here’s yet another email my husband sent to Orange – another they ignored:

September 5

Subject: To: Carmit Sikorel

Hi Carmit,

Since our last conversation, I have not heard from you, Adi or anyone else. I have sent the list of telephone equipment you requested to Adi.

I do not know if I told you, but Adi did not go over the bills with me, as you expected. This is an open issue that was requested from the beginning; and without it, we cannot identify the problems. Are the old bills irrelevant? If not, when will you send someone to go over the bills? I asked the same question to Adi.

The last time I tried to get the bills reviewed , I was told to go to your center, However, your manager at the center said they cannot give me service and called the police.

What is the next step? When is our next meeting?



Today is October 3 – almost a month since this email was sent and in that time – nothing. One could argue that September is a month of holidays in Israel and that would be true, but there were 13 full business days and 2 half days – time enough to have called if they had wanted to.

In the meantime, my husband has spent more time preparing yet another list. Of the 59 phone lines that Orange miraculously assigned to our name (plus some data lines not counted here which helped round out the total to 66), we now have 16 marked “Suspended” – that means, thrill of all thrills (we hope), that Orange isn’t billing us for the phone lines or any calls made illegally (that happened on one line and Orange ignored our questions for a few months and a few thousand NIS until we demanded they close it down). Of course, we still have no answer as to if or why they are charging us for equipment assigned to those lines.

No, no help there. When is our next meeting Orange? Still no answer but two more names to add to Orange’s growing list of fails. Thanks, Carmit – thanks, Adi – I’m sure we needed more aggravation.


One Response to “September 5…nothing new…sad”

  1. Meir said

    The moral of the story: never cross a writer. They may post all the gory details on their blog!

    After years of excellent customer service with Orange cellular, I now have my own frustrations with Orange “nayach”.


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