Cellular Agony

Dealing with Phone Companies

Do you want to pay us?

Posted by Paula on September 16, 2010

Orange’s finance department called this morning. They say we haven’t paid and they want to give us this opportunity to pay. They made the mistake of calling my son, who was a commander in the artillery division and has never learned to suffer fools lightly.

“Do you want to know if we just woke up this morning and decided to pay Orange even though you’ve done nothing?” my son asked the startled finance representative.

“Well, no,” he replied, “but since you owe so much money and you’re going to have to pay anyway, maybe you want to pay now?”

Gee, Orange, can you tell us how much we owe? Can you tell us what happened to all those meetings, all those promises?

    • We still have no reception in our basement apartment – after your promising to give us a special antenna to rectify this.
    • We are still paying for equipment we were told we would get for free (part of a package deal similar to what we had at Cellcom).
    • We are still paying a higher price than agreed.
    • We have not been refunded for – oh – about 40 lines that amazingly enough were created and yet for which we have no service.
    • You have never met with us to EXPLAIN THE BILLS…worse, more and more, we get the feeling you don’t even understand them.

    No, Mr. Finance Department, we do not want to make a downpayment on monies owed until you can tell us…what money is owed. How much DO we owe you? How did you come to that figure? Why are we paying for lines we don’t have? Even, for equipment we don’t have?

    Why can’t we speak on the telephone in our own home without running outside before the line cuts out?

    So many questions, so few answers – and so, our cellular agony continues…and we are still waiting for Carmit and Adi, David and Eliron, Liron and Liron…and the forever lying Gal.

    Will our cellular agony ever end? Stay tuned as we continue to suffer the agonies of having contracted with Orange.


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