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You Can’t Say We Didn’t Try

Posted by Paula on September 5, 2010

Yet another email to Carmit after yet another week passes by with Orange ignoring their promises and commitments. We received another bill, of course, but once again, no one is ready to explain what the heck they are charging us for.

In the meantime, several people have commented – hey, even Orange people have told us this – that we should be suing Orange for hundreds of hours we’ve wasted trying to get them to explain, correct, justify – anything.

Latest calculation – my husband, sons and I have spent well over 600 man-hours trying desperately to get Orange to follow their commitments, explain bills they had no right to send us, money they had no right to take.

At this point, my husband (the vast majority of those 600 hours was his), has high blood pressure, frequent headaches and no answers. So we are throwing this open – if you know a lawyer who can help us, please write to us – leave a comment and we’ll contact that person. We are tired. We are fed up. We have been ripped off and most of all, we think that not even Orange can figure this out.

We want out. Take your damn phones back – including the one we paid insurance for and you won’t fix. Take your computers back – including the one that CAME broken (HP confirms this has to have been delivered broken). Just take it and go. Honestly, please just release us from slavery, from another 1.7 months having to deal with what has to be the most God-awful company in the world!

Here is today’s email – yet again – asking for Orange to do what they said they would.

From: Lazer
Sent: Sunday, September 05, 2010 4:46 PM
To: ‘direct@orange.co.il’
Subject: RE: To: Carmit Sikorel

Hi Carmit,

Since our last conversation, I have not heard from you, Adi or anyone else. I have sent the list of telephone equipment you requested to Adi.

I do not know if I told you, but Adi did not go over the bills with me, as you expected. This is an open issue that was requested from the beginning; and without it, we cannot identify the problems. Is the old bills irrelevant? If not, when will you send someone to go over the bills? I asked the same question to Adi.

The last time I tried to get the bills reviewed , I was told to go to your center, However, your manager at the center said they cannot give me service and called the police.

What is the next step? When is our next meeting?



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