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Even the Kids Know…Orange?

Posted by Paula on August 26, 2010

I just got off the phone with a client that we have worked with for several months. They have new management and a new accounting system and without warning, they want to change the terms of the agreement we made months ago.

In this case, they want us to give them a heshbonit mas (a tax invoice) in advance of payment. What this means is that we will now have to pay various taxes before we even receive the money from them. I called to speak to their accounting department to explain that this runs counter to our agreement.

After several frustrating arguments back and forth, the woman explained that if I wanted to change the terms of the agreement, I had to speak to someone else. But, I explained, I don’t want to change the terms, I actually want to follow them. More accurately, I said, I want YOU to follow them.

In that case, she said, you have to speak to someone else – and she gave me their name and phone number. Can you transfer my call? I asked.

He’s on the other line, she said and so we said goodbye and I have to call back in 10 minutes. As I hung up the phone, my youngest daughter asked, “Orange?”

Isn’t that funny, I thought to myself – already she associates long, frustrating, telephone calls in which we try to make a company comply with the agreements made – with Orange.

If she sees her parents arguing on the phone – it must be Orange.

If the company isn’t listening and has changed the conditions – it must be Orange.

A frustrating phone call, but at least I know it will be resolved in 10 minutes – if only Orange could be as reasonable….as we enter our 10th month fighting with Orange, we have some progress to report. After 10 months, they have reduced the 66 lines they created from our 16 Cellcom lines by 17. They also credited our account for 11,800 NIS (about $3,100).

They still owe us more; they still have so many errors to fix, but there is some progress…and some long-term damage as far as they are concerned.

Even a 10-year-old knows that dealing with Orange is frustrating, annoying, and difficult. If the company is trying to change the agreement, it must be Orange, thinks my young daughter.


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