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Well, Optimism Yes, but

Posted by Paula on August 19, 2010

As I indicated in my previous post, Orange called us back! This was the first time I had actually spoken to Carmit – previously, it was all by email and my husband’s conversations. I’d emailed them, of course – including one on August 4. I believe they promise to get back to you within 24 hours, perhaps 48. I can honestly say this was the longest 48 hours of my life!

Now, 15 days later, Carmit writes back. I can see she is as enthused as I was and yet…and yet, I’m confused by what she means. She “was glad to learn, that i could offer you a proposal to your satisfaction.”

What proposal was that? What advanced Orange services? I mean – getting back to a customer, even 15 days later is great, but I wouldn’t call that “advanced” services. We still cannot speak on our cell phones in portions of our home because there is no reception. This despite promises from Orange almost NINE months ago that they would give us a Repeater Device (hope that’s what it is called) – which would enable us to have reception.

I’m all for optimism, really Carmit – but I’m just so confused by this concept that you thank me for an email two weeks later and think that in light of a single conclusion-less conversation that we have reached the proposal state.

Ah well, life with Orange is nothing if not interesting…

Here’s Carmit’s message of August 19th.


Dear Paula,

I thank you for your e-mail.
In reply to your request, and after our conversation on the 19/08/10 I was glad to learn, that I could offer you a proposal to your satisfaction.

For further information, please reply to this e-mail, or contact our customer service center by dialing *054 from your orange handset, or 074-7054054 from any other phone, and one of our representatives will be glad to assist you.

I hope you will make the best out of orange’s advanced services .

kind regards,
Customer Relations


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