Cellular Agony

Dealing with Phone Companies

Progress? A Journey Begun?

Posted by Paula on August 19, 2010

Can a starved person understand that a feast set before him is actually for him? Can a blind man suddenly given site handle the many views the world has to offer? sounds melodramatic and yet this is to some extent where we find ourselves.

Orange actually called us back! Can you imagine. We are in the hands of two women working for Orange – Adi and Carmit. They seem as confused by the Orange bills as we are. They seem as interested in resolving it as we are.

I cannot speak for what they know – but for the first time, they are actually asking US to explain rather than telling us what they think might have happened.

They want to know what equipment we have – an excellent first start. This is indeed the first step in determining how Gal and his cohorts managed to take 16 Cellcom lines and turn them into 66 Orange lines.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Resolution of 8 months of lies and dishonesty begins with a single line. Line by line we must understand what Gal did, how Liron and Eliron and Anat and David and Meital and Shelli and so many others covered it up and get to the truth of what we were promised.

Since we are speaking in such platitudes, I’ll continue – we stand on the edge of a new dawn with Orange. It could be yet another storm, yet another direction for lies and deceit. We must have answers to how it was acceptable to forge our names; how things we did not order were put under our name? Who handled the SIM card that we never received and yet thousands of shekels in phone calls were made?

Why were we charged top rates after being promised lower cost because we were so many phones? Why did Gal begin charging us for things he gave as promotional gifts?

How did he take 16 phone lines and multiply that into 66? Seventeen lines have miraculously dropped away…what of the others?

On and on – this is a long journey. It is one we will have to take before it is resolved, before we finish with Orange – or before we take them to court. The journey begins with a single positive note. Orange actually called us back!


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