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Don’t go this route – Sound Advice

Posted by Paula on August 18, 2010

Our ongoing mission to report the agony suffered by other cellular phone users continues. This one comes from Nurit, who was giving advice to another Orange customer.

Here is her story:

Based on advice I received when I had a never-ending issue with Orange,
send *faxes* to their managment office in Rosh Ha’ayin and to their
secretive “Customer Relations” department, (which you only get to if they
have driven you insane). You can get those numbers from a rep at Orange
service. If not, let me know and I’ll look for them among my papers.
Threaten to take further legal action and to write about it in every blog
and forum on the Internet.

I had a huge issue with Orange overcharging me month after month and, even
though they admitted several times that it was their error and promised to
fix it and reimburse me, I had to phone countless times, only to have to
repeat my story each time and to wait for “managers” to phone me back who
didn’t, and when they did, they promised to return the money by xxx date,
and never did. It took them 8 months to stop charging me and to return my
money and that’s only because I was a noodnik, but it cost me a lot in
nerves. *Don’t go this route.*

They will tell you that you didn’t receive the refund because of a technical
problem.They are masters at deceipt and their representatives have been
well-trained to lead you around in circles and drive you crazy until you
give up.


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