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Orange won’t let me ….

Posted by Paula on August 2, 2010

NR writes on twitter:

Orange won’t let me use the unmetered GPS I pay for because I didn’t buy my handset from them. Yes, they support the model.

And did you know they closed all labs, & any repair equires not having a phone for 2 days!?!?!

Yes, NR, we do know that. Several times, we’ve had to have a phone repaired. First it was my son, who is a soldier. The speaker on the phone wasn’t working. It had to be sent to Orange several times. The first time, the wiped out all his memory and programs. My older son also had a problem with his phone. Orange insisted that the only way to fix the phone was to wipe out the phone’s memory and reformat it. They did that – still has the problem…and no memory – and the two days was wishful thinking – it took more than 3 days to get it back.


One Response to “Orange won’t let me ….”

  1. Nurit said

    And did you know that if you leave a phone to be repaired and you borrow a phone, even for 2 days, it triggers a huge monthly “borrowed phone” charge that’s almost impossible to get rid of???

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