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Another Week Lost, Another Delayed Meeting

Posted by Paula on August 2, 2010

Carmit seemed so understanding, so anxious to help. She said she was going to get a meeting set up this week with a “neutral” party. Well, that neutral party was going to be an Orange worker, so we were wondering how that was going to work, but at least some progress was hoped for. Certainly, she said, we should not be dealing with Eliron any longer. Someone from “Top Business” was going to call us and set up a meeting this week.


No, this time, they mean it.

Yes, really.

Or not…

It turns out, Carmit wasn’t able to set up that meeting. We explained that in our home office, we have no reception for Orange lines. We were promised a special device back in January that would help receive the signal and improve connection for us.

Carmit told us that she could only arrange for this device AFTER we paid our bill. But we have been asking for this since January, my husband explained to her…you know – January when we were still paying our bills while asking Orange for an explanation for the 8,000 NIS (about $2,500) they were deducting monthly for 66 lines they somehow managed to assign to us from the 16 lines we asked them to create from our Cellcom account.

Carmit had no answer for that – but she’s hoping to set up a meeting…soon, real soon.

Here’s our latest email to Carmit – August 2, 2010 – can you believe we have been fighting Orange for almost 8 months?

Sent by my husband———————–

Hi Carmit,

Thank you for calling me this morning. From this morning I understood that you will be calling Benyamin immediately after we spoke to get the serial number of the computer that is at HP. I just spoke with him and he did not get you call. PLEASE CALL BENYAMIN.

During our discussions, you also said that you will give me FREE service to do call forwarding to a landline until you install the repeaters that were promised in January. You said that you would send me an email that would state that this was free. We agreed that this email would be sent, since every time I was told from Orange that something was free, I was charged. I have not received this email. PLEASE SEND ME THIS EMAIL, SO I CAN RECEIVE CALLS FROM MY MAALEH ADUMIM OFFICE.



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