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Still Trying to Remind Them

Posted by Paula on August 1, 2010

It has been almost 8 months since an email was sent to Gal detailing the points of our meeting. Here we send it again to yet another Orange representative. Meanwhile, we have miraculously been credited for about 17 telephone lines. Let’s see….we started with 16, Orange turned that into 66, and now we are down to only 50. Maybe we are getting somewhere….maybe….

Email sent to Customer Service (an internal division reacting to our endless emails and requests). We’ve now been told to give up on trying to get Eliron to listen, never mind the most elusive Gal.

We are now, once again, being told that “Top Business” will contact us…the ball is firmly in Orange’s court.


Hi Carmit,

This email is one of the emails we discussed. It was written before Orange identified that there was fraud done by their sales people.

I wrote this as a method to complete open issues. See the completion dates.

You should have several copies of this email. Copies of this email were sent to several people in FirstClass, Premium and Top Business departments.

I have sent many emails to various people at Orange. Since you are not the person that will resolve the issues; I do not want to burden you, by sending over a 100 old emails.

In the meantime, just in this past week, we have identified additional cases of fraud performed by people at Orange.

I understood from you that Monday (tomorrow) I will be contacted by someone from Top Business that will help identify and resolve all issues. I look forward to fixing this mess and moving on with my life and business.


(Email from January 17th)


One Response to “Still Trying to Remind Them”

  1. Michael Horesh said

    Just over 2 years ago, I switched to Orange. For the past 12 months, i have been very unhappy with their so-called customer service. In one case, I agreed to take a sim card, where I was categorically told that it was “pay-as-you-go”. I soon found out that it came with a monthly fixed charge.
    I was repeatedly told that it would be removed teh following month. It toook a screaming fit on my part for them to give up the charge.
    The sums invovled were small, but the story reflects the service I have received.

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