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Posted by Paula on July 23, 2010

I sent another email today. I believe now that this will end up in court and when it does, we will show the court how many times we resolved it. Orange cannot claim we did not want to pay them. Orange cannot claim we acted in bad faith.

Email after email begs them to explain their incompetence, their endless errors. The meeting with Eliron was a joke because he won’t credit us for the mistakes he knows Orange has made. He admitted Orange’s errors. He said if Gal worked for him, he would have fired him long ago.

It was a long and sometimes frustrating meeting with Eliron. My husband has spent, literally, hundreds of hours trying to get Orange to rectify the problem. Eliron did not want to listen – all he cares about is the bottom line and how much money he can get out of us. All he cares about is making sure Orange doesn’t lose money and therein lies he problem. It seems that what Gal promised us to close the deal and bring in the business so he could get a commission and make himself more money was so outlandish, Orange refused to stand by it. They quote contracts we never signed – and lies Gal tells. For example, if we signed a three year contact with Cellcom, they did not charge us for the equipment. In other words, we were not charged for the phones, but they made their money so long as we guaranteed a monthly minimum.

Gal made the same offer – and then charged us a higher monthly rate AND the equipment. He gave us, as a gift, two iPhones…we never signed for them, but Orange insists that we pay for them now. On the other hand, we signed for one iPhone for someone else, but there is no record of that signature, so Eliron now says Orange isn’t charging us for it. We showed him the iPhone, he checked the bill, but the phone serial number is not there.

He was angry, but cannot charge us – yet another Orange failure, but at least this one went in our favor.

So, here it today’s email – written of the frustration of yesterday’s meeting…a worthless waste of time. Eliron sent us to “any” Orange service station. My husband and son chose the one in Givat Shaul. They refused to help my husband.

Sent: July 23, 2010

תוכן הפניה:
We were told by Eliron of the Jerusalem Business office to go to any Orange office and they would explain our bills to us. We were told by Eliron that he would credit us for the many errors Orange has made on our bills.

We were told, for example, that the computer we received broken and which HP agrees shows no abuse and was clearly broken when we got it…would be credit to us. We were told that Eliron would meet with us to explain your billing.

And yet, again and again, Eliron simply lied or is not someone who can follow through with what he stated. He said in our meeting – we have three witnesses – that Gal Morad would be fired if he worked for him for all the mistakes and incompetence on our account.

One SIM card we never received somehow was given or acquired by someone who, according to Eliron, sounds like an Arab and so he says, he doesn’t believe Gal took it and yet, we never received the SIM but were billed for thousands of NIS.

Again and again until after begging Orange personnel to simply explain our bill, we wrote several emails stating that we would have to cancel our automatic payments if you could not explain why you were taking the money. No one, to this day, more than eight or nine months after we began begging for this simple thing – something Gal told us would happen on a regular basis…we finally canceled the auto-payments. We are willing to pay the bills…if you would simply tell us – explain to us, what you are charging us for.

To any normal human being, this sounds completely reasonable and yet, again and again, Eliron and others tell us to PAY FIRST and THEN figure out what we are paying for. How can we pay if we don’t know what we are paying for? Isn’t that a funny question and yet Orange continues to ignore our simple request.

So here is another – Please set up a meeting with us to explain WHAT you are billing for and then we will be happy to pay. In the meantime, as per many people’s advice, we seem to be at the next stage.



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