Cellular Agony

Dealing with Phone Companies

Eliron and “THE” Meeting

Posted by Paula on July 22, 2010

So, Eliron of the Jerusalem office came to our office and met with us. It was a long meetings. We had prepared ourselves with a list. He’s a very busy man, interested in the bottom line and for him, the bottom line is Orange and money.

He came up with an interesting conclusion – we should pay our bill. We agree – how much is our bill? He stumbled and named a figure based on the Orange total. But wait, we said, you agreed to credit us for the lines you charged by mistake; you agreed to credit us for the SIM card that took a walk before it came to us (actually, it never came to us) and we were charged thousands of shekels. We called Orange and they said they’d investigate -another 1,500 NIS, WE demanded Orange close the SIM…Eliron said we’d get credit…then said it was in the “package” settlement offering.

We asked for someone to sit and explain what we are being charged per line and how we are being credited. Eliron said as soon as we pay, he’ll arrange the.

But…how do we pay for something without knowing what we are paying for. Eliron couldn’t quite get past that idea.

He told us to go to “any” Orange office and they can explain. We went to Givat Shaul. They refused to sit with us. They threatened my husband and son that they would call the police if they didn’t leave.

My husband demanded service. My son took a picture of the Orange representative who would not help us. The man stood up in a threatening manner and told my son that he was going to go into the Orange file, find out all my son’s personal details and personally sue him for taking his picture.

The police arrived. My husband explained what happened. The police listened and told my husband to get a good lawyer and due Orange for all they are worth. Sound advice!


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