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Another Orange Hell Story

Posted by Paula on June 23, 2010

Hi Paula-I thought I’d email you my cell phone hell for your blog. I decided to get a USB modem so I can be online from anywhere. My plan is to pay 89 shekels for 5 gigabytes monthly. I don’t know what that really means but I do know that in my first 5 months, I never exceeded it despite being online often. I don’t download TV shows or movies which I would imagine suck a lot of data.

So what happens last month? I get a phone call from Orange telling me that I had exceeded my limit after only 20 days. By how much? Try 2600 SHEKELS. Are you kidding me???? TWO THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED SHEKELS???? AFTER TWENTY DAYS??? AFTER NEVER HAVING GONE OVER ONCE???? What is my recourse? I asked to see some kind of report and they told me I could do it from their website. I tried after hanging up the phone but couldn’t figure out how (thank you, Hebrew). They were nice enough to lower it to 500 shekels so I’m almost too relieved to fight this part of it but how in G-d’s name could this have happened? Very upsetting.

Jerusalem, Israel


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