Cellular Agony

Dealing with Phone Companies

A Cellular Demand

Posted by Paula on May 10, 2010

Orange – release us!

We are prepared to go back to Cellcom after your horrendous service and your not willing to even speak to us or explain the bills you sent to us repeatedly.

We have a solution…just release us. You aren’t prepared to uphold the agreements we made. You don’t even know what your representative agreed to, what he promised, what he delivered.

We demand to be released. We will go back to Cellcom – you can have your equipment back…all of it. The phones you said were spares, the phones you delivered to us…the car phones you installed, the broken computer you won’t fix.

Just release us. It is the fastest, easiest, cleanest way to end this horrid relationship. Cancel the three year contract…since you haven’t lived up to it anyway. Cellcom is prepared to take us back and give us a deal similar to the one you haven’t managed to honor.

Release us, Orange – end our cellular agony!


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