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Posted by Paula on May 9, 2010

The following email was sent on February 25, explaining all the lies we were told, the mistakes that were made, the errors, the failure to meet promises, and more. Needless to say, the request for a meeting at the end was never met. Our phone calls, our emails…all ignored.

Hi Veronica,

As we discussed yesterday, you said that I can send you a few items that are urgent. Obviously, the list is MUCH MUCH larger.

Below is one of my earlier emails with a partial list. This email was reviewed by Gal, Oz and Meital. All of these items were discussed multiple times before this was written in an email.

1)      The following item was copied from below:

On Sunday we are to receive information on the other available packages, which we can switch retroactively. These packages include a ~10 NIS package.

We need to verify the conditions of all phone packages and determine per phone, which package should be applied.

2)      I have been asking to review the bills with Orange, since the first bill. I have been told that they are complete mistakes and they will be refunded. When the January bill came, I was told that it also has big mistakes, but now I insisted for them to be reviewed with me. The Orange office in Talpoit told me that they do not understand these bills. Both Gal and Meital told me NOT TO WORRY and they will go over them with me and I will only be charged for what was agreed upon. However, nether Gal and Meital have answered or returned any phone calls within the past week. Gal much longer.
I NEED TO REVIEW THE BILLS TO DETERMINE THE MISTAKES AND TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY CHARGING ME. Until these bills are reviewed the list of problem CANNOT be complete. The list is only the items that were not completed witin an unreasonable time or what I found out by accident.

3)      I have no reception in my office in Maaleh Adumim. I have been told two weeks ago that within 10 days someone will come to Maaleh Adumim with repeaters. NOBODY HA CALLED ME.

4)      At this point I do not know what is true, what has been done. Please confirm that the VPN has been implemented with all the numbers that I sent to Gal and Meital. The VPN numbers should also include all calls to Orange representatives. The original list did not include Meital

Again, please call me and have a manager call me.




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