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An Explanation

Posted by Paula on May 9, 2010

Fifteen years ago…my husband wanted to get a cellular phone so that I could reach him as we awaited the birth of our fourth child. My husband investigated various companies and settled on Cellcom.

Despite several instances of bad service, we stayed with Cellcom for fourteen years. We added phones, created a business account, added message packages, etc. As our children grew, we got them cellular phones; employees; me. In the end, we had amassed a 16-line account…and then realized that Cellcom was simply overcharging us, not canceling services they should have, and more. It came to about 8,000 NIS in wrongful billing. We were fed up.

We called Orange. They happily sent down a sales team. We showed them our Cellcom bills and they were duly outraged. They would help us, they explained, leave Cellcom and come to the greener pastures of Orange. All that we got…and much more, they promised, Orange would give us.

At Cellcom, we had free car phones installed in our vehicles – it makes sense from a business point of view as it enables us to speak for hours as we drive. We were not surprised at all when Orange promised us a similar package. We were shocked, later, to find that they were charging us anyway.

We had been given a GPS when we bought a car; Orange told us about new models…they would give us three. Little did we know this too was at a cost.

And on it went…lie upon lie. Gal, our representative, came one day and while we were talking, he took out a stack of iPhone SIM cards and gave it to us. What’s this? I asked him – it’s a present – SIM cards for an iPhone.

“But I don’t have an iPhone?” I told Gal. I had just received my Nokia N97 and was more than happy.

It means you can order an iPhone from the first batch, if you want it. Made no sense to me, but it didn’t cost anything so it didn’t bother me. It was just another lie.

When the dust had settled. Gal had taken 16 Cellcom lines and turned them into 66 Orange lines for which we were being billed. Some – we had never even received and yet Orange had billed us thousands of NIS.

It’s been months since we have begun fighting, arguing, writing, calling. They have canceled 13 lines – we are now being charged for 53…and still we fight.

This blog is about cellular agony. About the agony a major company can put consumers through…and then for months continue to draw money from their account while refusing to offer any explanations for the amounts they charge.

And so we fight. If you have a similar story – for any cellular company…we welcome you and ask you to join us and tell us your story. Print your name or leave it out – these companies have to be made responsible. They have to stop cheating their customers and lying.


One Response to “An Explanation”

  1. Sanda Abramovici-Lam said

    My latest email to Orange…………….though the agony is much older and count me in for a lawsuit or whatever !!

    August 15th, 2010

    Dear, Sir/Miss
    Orange General Manager Israeli division

    I just want out. Stop. I just want out. I have said it all and have taken all, mostly
    Stupid explanations, mostly lies, misunderstandings, misguidance, misinformation, I have had it all!!, I don’t want any more business to do with Orange, nekuda !!

    I have changed plans, this is another one of your client’s ripping off custom, cause you had also invented this one, changing plans meaning eating more of our money no matter if you change for more or less minutes you eat us up anyway!!, I have changed from 200 minutes, 300 hundred, 400 hundred, down again to 180/200, maybe I am a stupid illiterate who would not understand maths. But it doesn’t take an Einstein to realize that if I had tried so many ways to little/down my payment what absurd!!, they all look alike no matter what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, it is like you wrote down on your account computer system or whatever that I am going to be charged from 350 shekels
    Or more no matter what, no matter what, even if I am on a 400 minute havila or the hayal havila, never mind what, I will never go to my web page or visa web age to find a
    250 shekel charge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You greedy people just want it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and it is a shame you don’t have from our gov. a more closer check into your doing business in Israel cause I know for a fact that in other countries you can’t operate so freely !!, you put us the bait telling us we can change and update our phones to 0, yes 0 cost by signing a 3 year contract and this is another LIE !!, I have been sworn in the hanut in Karmiel that no extra charge was to be made cause I updated my phone and I am and if the reason is that I haven’t yet paid off fully the first one, well the first one was 36 shekels, how come now I am charged 59 ?? besides the explanation being that if I talk a certain time I DO NOT PAY FOR THE DEVICE, IT IS OUTRAGEOUS THE WAY YOU DECEIVE PEOPLE !!

    Why don’t you have contracts written in english/Spanish/French, maybe your business is going so badly and your earnings so poor that you can’t afford a translator to do the work ?? if you were selling bread, OK, you don’t need English in a country where the official language is rusit and arabit and then the Hebrew !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, but you deal with tourists and olim it is as if the companies renting cars to tourist from around the world expect them all to speak Hebrew !!, don’t want to hire more personnel to deal with foreigner ? then do not do business with foreigners and do not rip them off and do not abuse their lack of the language to deceive them

    When in the janut in march they told me my cell was going to be upgraded with 0 money When I have been again lately cause I had lost the other one on my other line I was also sworn it would cost me zipp but every time I am off on my road again and expect a 250 shekel bill I always get one closer to 400 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am close to the verge of a nervous breakdown with you, I want out, I will give you back all of your devices and you will give me back all of my contracts and I have already gone to Celcom and find out what a real deal can be done with an Israeli company.

    I don’t think you will want me, a semi disabled person going public to all of the Spanish/anglos telling them to what extent can you go for a piece of meat !!, of course I am sending a copy of this one to the Ministry of Communication and to whoever MK could be relevant to the case, anyway, everybody in Israel has an issue with your company, everybody has been ripped off, lied to, etc!!, no news about it

    I am fed up, I don’t need another poor employee of yours to lie on your behalf
    Not more than some 10 days ago I saw on the compu a 227 charge on this month, I called to *054 cause I lost all faith in you and they told me this is correct VAT included
    Today I go back to find a 350 plus charge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, you even forget you own words !!, why I am charged phones I should not be charged ??, I don’t want anything to do with orange even if you gave me everything for free……..


    Sanda Lam
    TZ 329028021


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