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March 12 – Seriously, Anyone There?

Posted by Paula on March 12, 2010

This was sent by email to the representative who promised us she would be our personal contact. For 24 hours, we had a direct connection, as promised. This is typical of most business customers – you dial the code from your phone and get directed to your customer representative. We had this at Cellcom…we were told, promised, we would have this at Orange. It worked…for 24 hours after repeated requests to get this engaged. After 24 hours and that wonderful meeting in our offices…it stopped working. Thus an email from my husband.

Also, when we first spoke to Gal, we heard music. No, literally. We heard music on his connection and he said he’d set this up for us too. He didn’t tell us there was a cost. Luckily, Orange sent us a warning that we would begin being charged for it and were able to cancel it on most phones. This is their FUNTONES…if you are lucky enough to know that it costs.

———March 21 – Is anyone there?———————–

Hi Liron,

Since you have not got back to me in over a week and you have cancelled by ability to call any business representative, including you, I can only assume that YOU purposely CANCELLED my ability to enter *4141 from my phone. IS THIS THE WAY ORANGE DOES BUSINESS????

I received a message about FUNTON. I do not know what this is. I do not want to pay for this if there is a charge. This applies to all phones that WritePoint has at Orange.




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