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March 7 – A Meeting…Then What?

Posted by Paula on March 7, 2010

Last week, we met with Orange representatives. Despite numerous lies, Orange insisted on bringing Gal Morad to our office – only so that he could continue to lie about promises that he made. Almost everything that Gal promised us was carefully documented by my husband in dozens of emails.

We explained to Gal’s manager, David, that Gal had repeatedly lied to us – and sadly, what David tried to do was accuse us of saying that everyone at Orange are liars.

We never said Meital lied; we never said the second Liron lied – we all know that the first Liron lied…that’s why he was apparently fired. The manager’s entire case for assuming Gal didn’t lie – was that it wasn’t a good business deal that Gal had offered us and would not be good for Orange.

On Friday, we found out about yet another lie of Gal’s. When Gal offered us free Internet on our netbook computers up to 5 GB, we asked him how we would know that we had reached 5 GB. Gal lied (again) and said we would be notified, and,

Of course, we were not and now Orange is trying to charge us SEVEN HUNDRED shekels. This is amazing! This is unprofessional…and, this is ALL being documented on a new blog I am starting so that all of my tens of thousands of Internet contacts here in Israel and abroad will learn about how Orange does business.

We have tried to resolve this issue – we have sent emails as the offerings were made…now Gal’s manager says that the emails were in English so Gal isn’t responsible. for writing back to us. That seems strange and irresponsible – but we have had little other experiences with Orange. We were told repeatedly by Orange that they would honor their commitments. We are waiting to see this happen.


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