Cellular Agony

Dealing with Phone Companies

Cellular Agony

Posted by Paula on March 3, 2010

If you’ve had a bad experience with a cellular phone company, we hope you’ll join us in documenting it here.

Cellular agony is not a medical term, but a social one. Phone companies have traditionally had great power over those of us who simply can’t survive in the business or personal realm without a phone…and who can, right?

This site is dedicated to two companies in Israel who have proven again and again that the customer isn’t always right, that service doesn’t have to be given with a smile…and worst of all…you can lie and cheat and even when you are caught, you can continue to cause great agony. These pages document Cellcom and Orange…we hope you’ll add your experiences as well to help share with us.

For now, we present two cases of Cellular Agony:

  • Orange (Partner) Israel
  • Cellcom – Israel

5 Responses to “Cellular Agony”

  1. PiaB said

    I read many articles published here about “Agony” with Orange. We are in similar situation since a year now.

    Just saw some articles concerning the new nominated Orange CEO: Yacov Gelbard when he was previously at Bezeq and I thought interesting for all to see if ever they didn’t yet. It shows how some executives officially steal and lie but still keep managing huge companies in the same manner.

    “The drama at Bezeq The Israeli Telecommunication Co. Ltd. (TASE: BEZQ) following the recent revelations has gathered further momentum with the arrival in Israel today of Stephen Grabiner, manager of the UK branch of Apax Partners, and Saban Capital Group president Adam Chesnoff, to attend a number of board meetings

    The official reason for the two men’s visit is the publication of Bezeq’s financial reports for the fourth quarter of 2006 and the year as a whole, although it is believed that they wish to be personally involved in the decisions due to be taken to deal with the options and bonuses issue at Bezeq. The company’s CEO Yaacov Gelbard is expected to announce today that he will be taking leave, and he may well eventually resign.

    Sources inform ”Globes” that the interim report of Bezeq The Israeli Telecommunication Co. Ltd.’s (TASE: BEZQ) external auditor Adv. Yoram Danziger, who is investigating the various irregularities that have been discovered within the company, will apparently not include personal recommendations regarding senior company executives. Due to time constraints, the interim report will focus largely on the findings that have surfaced during the last few days, and it may well not go into depth on some of the incidents.

    The final report, informed sources say, however, that although there will probably not be any personal recommendations, Bezeq CEO Yaacov Gelbard, who is currently on two weeks involuntary leave of absence, will not return to his post for the time being.

    – Partner Communications (PTNR.O) (PTNR.TA), Israel’s second-largest mobile phone operator, said on Thursday Jacob Gelbard will take over as chief executive officer on Oct. 1.

    Also known as Yakov, Gelbard will replace David Avner, Partner said in a statement. Avner had been CEO since January 2007.
    Gelbard had served as CEO of Bezeq Israel Telecom (BEZQ.TA), Israel’s largest telecoms group, for two years and CEO of Bezeq mobile unit Pelephone — Israel’s third-largest mobile operator — for another five years.
    “I am certain that the combination of Mr. Gelbard’s rich and comprehensive managerial experience, mainly in the telecommunications area, along with his remarkable track record, will, in combination with the assets that have been built at Partner over the years, bring Partner to new heights,” Chairman Ilan Ben Dov said.

    Partner, which operates under the Orange brand name and is slated to issue second-quarter earnings on Monday, also said deputy CEO Eli Glickman had decided to leave the company.

  2. Playerazzi said

    Wow, fight back, more power to you. But don’t think Pelephone is innocent in all this. I know, I’ve been there.

  3. Eric Shorr said

    I now have a dispute with Orange as well. It started with a salesman at Haifa Mall that told I got unlimited 3G internet on my phone and got huge bill of 800 sheckels. I put a stop payment on my account then gave my bank the paperwork after resolving the conflict to around 400 sheckels. Instead Orange never took the money and instead cut my line after a month. Given my American mentality, I assumed that they just didn’t want my money nor my business so I went to Pelephone. (I am now with Golan)

    2 years later, I get a call from the bank to tell me that the law office of Amir Doron (the law firm representing Orange) has put a lien on my account. I called the law firm, but they constantly hung up on me and never let me speak directly with the attorney.

    I then had to go to Hotzel Lepoel Beer Sheva to get my file and find out that they had sent my notice to appear to an address which I hadn’t lived in over the 3 years! Not to mention that they actually went to Misrad Hapnim and got the proper address!

    • Eric Shorr said

      Update: After I sent a letter to the judge to vacate the judgement, Nimrod Shachal, a lawyer from the law firm, sent a response stating that they mailed the default judgement to an address that I never even lived in!

      I found his number (0526353452) after a quick Google search and called him, but he was excessively rude like the secretaries at his law firm who refused to allow to speak to any lawyer directly there along with constantly hanging up on me.

      (Eventually, the case was dropped and I paid Orange the original amount that I actually owed them)

      • Hi Eric,

        So happy to hear your case has been resolved. I’m hoping we are going in that direction. We are still waiting for the letter that Victor said we would get some 4 weeks ago – so far, nothing.

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