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March 12 – Seriously, Anyone There?

Posted by Paula on March 12, 2010

This was sent by email to the representative who promised us she would be our personal contact. For 24 hours, we had a direct connection, as promised. This is typical of most business customers – you dial the code from your phone and get directed to your customer representative. We had this at Cellcom…we were told, promised, we would have this at Orange. It worked…for 24 hours after repeated requests to get this engaged. After 24 hours and that wonderful meeting in our offices…it stopped working. Thus an email from my husband.

Also, when we first spoke to Gal, we heard music. No, literally. We heard music on his connection and he said he’d set this up for us too. He didn’t tell us there was a cost. Luckily, Orange sent us a warning that we would begin being charged for it and were able to cancel it on most phones. This is their FUNTONES…if you are lucky enough to know that it costs.

———March 21 – Is anyone there?———————–

Hi Liron,

Since you have not got back to me in over a week and you have cancelled by ability to call any business representative, including you, I can only assume that YOU purposely CANCELLED my ability to enter *4141 from my phone. IS THIS THE WAY ORANGE DOES BUSINESS????

I received a message about FUNTON. I do not know what this is. I do not want to pay for this if there is a charge. This applies to all phones that WritePoint has at Orange.




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March 7 – A Meeting…Then What?

Posted by Paula on March 7, 2010

Last week, we met with Orange representatives. Despite numerous lies, Orange insisted on bringing Gal Morad to our office – only so that he could continue to lie about promises that he made. Almost everything that Gal promised us was carefully documented by my husband in dozens of emails.

We explained to Gal’s manager, David, that Gal had repeatedly lied to us – and sadly, what David tried to do was accuse us of saying that everyone at Orange are liars.

We never said Meital lied; we never said the second Liron lied – we all know that the first Liron lied…that’s why he was apparently fired. The manager’s entire case for assuming Gal didn’t lie – was that it wasn’t a good business deal that Gal had offered us and would not be good for Orange.

On Friday, we found out about yet another lie of Gal’s. When Gal offered us free Internet on our netbook computers up to 5 GB, we asked him how we would know that we had reached 5 GB. Gal lied (again) and said we would be notified, and,

Of course, we were not and now Orange is trying to charge us SEVEN HUNDRED shekels. This is amazing! This is unprofessional…and, this is ALL being documented on a new blog I am starting so that all of my tens of thousands of Internet contacts here in Israel and abroad will learn about how Orange does business.

We have tried to resolve this issue – we have sent emails as the offerings were made…now Gal’s manager says that the emails were in English so Gal isn’t responsible. for writing back to us. That seems strange and irresponsible – but we have had little other experiences with Orange. We were told repeatedly by Orange that they would honor their commitments. We are waiting to see this happen.

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Early March…Orange Comes to a Meeting

Posted by Paula on March 6, 2010

Yes, it’s true. They finally came. Three representatives from the Jerusalem Field Office. Present at the meeting were:


Gal Morad (the original miracle worker who managed to take 16 lines and turn them into 66 lines by charging us for everything, plus everything he promised us for free, plus everything he didn’t tell us he was charging us for, plus stuff he didn’t even give us.

Meital – who spoke to us several times on the phone and assured us that there had been errors that would be corrected.

At the end of the meeting, the Orange representatives went outside and we watched from the window as David yelled at Gal. Of course, to us, it was a united front in which they tried to misrepresent and legitimize the lies Gal had told us.

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Cellular Agony

Posted by Paula on March 3, 2010

If you’ve had a bad experience with a cellular phone company, we hope you’ll join us in documenting it here.

Cellular agony is not a medical term, but a social one. Phone companies have traditionally had great power over those of us who simply can’t survive in the business or personal realm without a phone…and who can, right?

This site is dedicated to two companies in Israel who have proven again and again that the customer isn’t always right, that service doesn’t have to be given with a smile…and worst of all…you can lie and cheat and even when you are caught, you can continue to cause great agony. These pages document Cellcom and Orange…we hope you’ll add your experiences as well to help share with us.

For now, we present two cases of Cellular Agony:

  • Orange (Partner) Israel
  • Cellcom – Israel

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March 2 – Orange Lives…well, a little

Posted by Paula on March 3, 2010

The automated system does work…well, sometimes. A new name, a new message…not much meaning, no real hope of them actually responding to what we wrote…but hey…a breath of life?

Dear Paula

In reply to your request I would like to inform you that your query has been forwarded to the relevant parties in our company which will contact you shortly.

Kind Regards,
Naama Merlender
Customer Relations

Gee, Naaam, thanks. I appreciate your forwarding this to the relevant parties. Any chance they might actually contact us. Could you define “shortly”? Like, does it come in less than 100 years?

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March 1 – Hello??? Anyone There?

Posted by Paula on March 1, 2010

We’ve begun, by this point, to wonder if anyone at Orange understands how to use email, the Internet, a computer?

Here’s our March 1 correspondence to Orange (previous emails didn’t even rate a response from their automated system):

Following is yet another copy of an email sent by my husband, Lazer (Lawrence Stern) in our never-ending attempt to get Orange to listen to us and correct the mistaken bills for which Orange has been incorrectly taking money from our account each month. We are SHOCKED by the number of lies we have been told and continue to be told by Orange.

It seems that Orange employees automatically attempt to lie before giving the truth. It now appears that Liron, who was supposed to call us for more than a week and didn’t bother, isn’t a manager at all…but some office person who needs permission to send us fax forms, needs permission to come meet us and now we have yet another person who has come into the picture. Now, it seems Orange wants us to meet David who wants to come to meet us with Meital…or was it Michal…and Gal…or was it the second Liron (or perhaps the first one who was fired for lying to customers…

Of course, Gal lied to us about that, telling us that Liron was fired for leaving phones in the back of the car that were stolen. I honestly didn’t think anyone could make us sorry that we left Cellcom. We are now being told that David is not available – sick and only he can authorize a meeting to explain our bill.

Please note that almost 2 weeks ago, I sent you an email explaining that we would no longer allow Orange to take money from our account without correcting the absurd bills. Gal gave us many SIM cards, which we now understand is his way of increasing his salary…which were supposed to replace old SIMs or be canceled. We have not seen that any were canceled. Gal gave us equipment and quoted prices…all lies. Since the meetings we requested were repeatedly canceled by Orange, we had no choice but to cancel the Horat keva. We are very willing to pay Orange as soon as the bills are corrected and presented to us. Please note that this is a business account (though you have repeatedly treated this as a joke) and we cannot afford to have any downtime.

We, at least, have been attempting to act professionally. We await some professional treatment in return. As explained, following is a copy of yet another email Lazer sent to Orange…we cannot help but wonder if this too will be ignored:

Hi Michal,

I am so disappointed, but not surprised. No meeting,
just more excuses and delays. I am also disappointed that a simple task to get you to fax something to me has been made so difficult and time consuming for me.

On Thursday, you told me you cannot fax papers to me without a signed form. We spoke about getting the forms several times, I emailed you several times and we sent several SMS each on getting the forms. But, no forms were sent.

You even sent me the fax number, but you never sent me the forms. Please send me the forms first thing in the morning. Also, please call me to discuss the current UNCHANGED situation.

Thanks, Lazer

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