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February 28, 2010 – The Agony Continues

Posted by Paula on February 26, 2010

February 28, 2010

Hi Michal,

As you can see, the mess that Gal from your company has caused, keeps me think when I should be sleeping. After our discussions about the five N97 phones and the 2 free iPhones given by Gal, I just thought of addition possible concerns.

Firstly, Meital thought that the 2 iPhones were not actually billed to me. She look at 0528XXXXX0 and 0528XXXXX1 and I told her that each of these lines has actually two phones associated with them, an N97 and an iPhone. Based on this and the lack of descriptions on the bills, she assumed that I was not billed for the iPhone, as promised by Gal.

However, based on our discussions with you and based on Gal’s deceptions, is it possible that Gal placed the N97 phones on Sim cards that he told me was cancelled?

Based on all Gal’s deceptions and mismanagement, we will not be able to identify all the errors until we go through the bills line-by-line. We discussed this on Thursday and unfortunately based on additional deceptions that we found, we never got to it. It seems evident that there is no alternative, we need to go thoroughly through the bills. Who is going to go through the bills, you or Liron? If Liron, does she have the details, as you do? Will she be able to determine which phone is being billed with each line? Please note that we also received many free cheap phones (supposedly not associated with phone lines, no minimum) to replace the phones we were using with Cellcom. Also, as we discussed on Thursday, we also received some car phones to replace the Cellcom car phones. These were not to cost us any anything and if there are any car phones associated with 054 numbers, these are also deceptions by Gal. Actually any phone associated 054 number are a deception by Gal.

In addition, I met the users associated with the six phones and he asked when will they be turned on. These are the 6 phones that should have been turned on in September and then we personally discussed them in the middle of January.  In addition, 1 phone was suppose to be an iPhone, but now that it has not been turned on for so long, he does not want the iPhone. However, one of our students is interested in this phone, we should discuss this. Meital originally said that we could do something.

When will Liron call?

Please call me so we can start resolving this mess.

Best regards,




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