Cellular Agony

Dealing with Phone Companies

February 25 – Still Trying

Posted by Paula on February 25, 2010

We have been writing emails and calling for many weeks now. We insisted on meeting to understand our phone bills – with no luck. So, with regret, we have canceled our horat keva with the bank.

We will be happy to pay Orange by check as soon as we are presented with a bill that reflects the promises that we received from Gal Morad and Liron (who was fired for lying to customers – although we were told that he was fired because he left phones in his car without putting them in a car safe). So, we are very willing to pay the bill – please contact us to set up a meeting to explain the mistakes in the bills and when we can expect to receive a new and corrected bill. So far, Orange has taken over 10,000 NIS from us based completely on charges to which we did not agree.

We have spoken to…let me see…Liron and Gal, Meital and Oz, um…well, I’m sure there are more. So, please let us know at your convenience when you would like to be paid for services rendered and correctly billed. We are also, at your company’s promise, awaiting reimbursement for the cancellation fees we are paying to Cellcom for canceling with them for their lousy service and also being forced to jump from person to person.

So please let us know who today’s representative is, whether we are Top Business or Premium as repeatedly promised…or still just regular customers desperately trying to get service. Our company is WritePoint Ltd. and we are reaching the point where we wonder why we came to Orange. Please let us know if you have someone who can explain this to us.


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