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February 21th – Still nothing

Posted by Paula on February 21, 2010

On February 21, I posted again to the Orange website…still hoping that some action would be taken…sadly, the only thing that kept being taken was money from our account. By this time, we had already spoken to more than 5 people at Orange and it was becoming very clear that all that we were getting…was lies.

Here’s our note from the 21th of February, posted to the Orange website:

Our story is amazing. We have been with Orange only a few months and yet have had to deal with more than 5 different people. We have been charged more than 20,000 NIS – after being told we would be credited for much more.

We have been told things would not be billed to us and we have been billed. We were told we would be a premium account…and we have to wait days and days to simply get a meeting. We are now being told this month that Orange plans to take 7,000 NIS from our account – with no explanation as to why or when things will be credited. We did not
believe service could be worse than what we received at Cellcom and so switched to Orange…and now, we are getting almost the same lack of honest and direct answers. We were told to deal with Liron…then told Liron was fired because he left phones in his car and the phones were stolen.

Then we were told Liron was fired for lying to customers. We have been told Meital would be our contact person (after Gal and Oz and Liron) and after one or two conversations, we were told Meital was sick…then told she was not…Now we are being told we will need to meet with Liron again (we assume a different one than the one who was fired for lying to customers and/or leaving phones in the back of his car. Most of all,
we are sick and tired of everything taking so long and so, once again, we are writing to understand WHY you are taking money from our account against all that we were told and WHEN will we have a meeting to have someone explain our bill to us and will that be before or after you take more money from our account.

Would you suggest we cancel our Horat Keva – perhaps it would be best if each month we pay by check according to what the proper account should be? One final word…if money is taken from our business account before the next meeting takes place, we will immediately cancel our horat keva and insist on paying each month by check upon confirmation that Orange is billing according to the agreed upon plan. We will not continue to allow this money to be taken without verification or


As it turns out, my husband was also desperately trying to be in touch with someone at Orange. He updated me on his attempts and I posted these a few hours after posting the above note. Here’s the second note I posted on the 21st of February:

We have been trying for many, many, many days and weeks to understand and resolve many issues with Orange support. Today, once again, we were promised that someone would call “in a few minutes” – this time, it was Evyatar. My husband, Lazer, waited more than an hour and a half for those “few minutes.” It is now after
9:00 p.m. and he has finally come home, after giving up on Orange keeping its promise to call. As you can probably see from the numerous messages we have left, we believe that Orange support system is in terrible shape and we must speak to anyone of authority who believes that treating supposedly valuable clients this way is simply not acceptable.

We cannot continue this way, waiting endlessly for Orange to fulfill their promises while deducting thousands of NIS from our
account based on prices that differ significantly from what we were promised.

We called Gal Morad this morning – he said he was in a meeting and never called back. We called *555 and were told Liron was supposed to call us…he is supposedly at the same level as Meital…so why must we now speak to yet another person?

No answer. So, *555 said Meital would call us today…and, again
, no call back. At 7:00 p.m., Lazer called *555 yet again…and that was the start of his waiting a few minutes (which lasted over 1.5 hours). Honestly, I have never seen such poor service and I am seriously wondering why we left Cellcom. If anyone can provide us with an answer, it would be much appreciated. This is more than three months since we have been waiting for an answer. I am a social media consultant and believe my next step will have to be to open a public blog in which I document very extensively, our tremendous efforts to get service because honestly, having spoken to so many people and called so many times….we are simply unaware of any other options.

Please call us TOMORROW and set a meeting IMMEDIATELY.

Please note that tomorrow afternoon, if we do not speak conclusively to Orange, we will have no choice but to stop the Horat keva and choose to pay our bills by check each month once the correct amounts are charged. Here is hoping someone actually calls us tomorrow…what a concept.


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