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Email of February 8 – Not service we can accept

Posted by Paula on February 8, 2010

Message posted to Orange site on February 8th, 2010.

My message:

I have tried for days not, even weeks to get service. The main reason we left Cellcom after 14 years with them was because we were promised excellent service. I am very upset and disappointed to constantly be ignored. I wrote a few days ago. I got
an SMS from Gal Morad saying he would call me at 8:00 p.m. He didn’t call –
not last night and not all day today. As I mentioned in my previous message
, we are canceling our horat keva this Thursday. My husband sat for an hour today at the Orange office in Talpiot, only to be told that he had to go through Gal. If you cannot provide service, please refund our money, cancel the contracts, and take your phones, computers, GPS, and car phones back. Cancel the 60 lines we promised under the Premier account you still have not activated. This is not service we can accept.

Six hours late, I received this note back:

As a reply to your query, I would like to explain that your request had been forward to relevant parties in our company.

You may contact our service center, available , at 074-7054054.


Naomi Soesan-Pavis
Customer Relations

No further response was received. Ms Soesan-Pavis never contacted us, never followed through…the problems continued…three months and counting.


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