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January 17 – What Orange Promised

Posted by Paula on January 17, 2010

Below is an email we sent to Orange confirming detailed of our January 14th meetings.

Hi Gal,

The following is a summary of our meeting that we had on Thursday January 14, 2010:

On Sunday morning WritePont will be moved to Premium and an English speaking representative will call me Sunday morning.

There are several programs available. At any time I can move to a different programs without any obligation of time.

Currently all phones are based on the following programs:
Price per second 0.27 NIS per minute
35 NIS per month with full refund in air time and 500 minutes free for VPN.
VPN includes all phones in my company and 10 additional phone numbers. These numbers can include Orange or land phone numbers.
3 month sleep option.
On Sunday we are to receive information on the other available packages, which we can switch retroactively. These packages include a ~10 NIS package.

Fee 150 MB Data Package on three phone lines.

All previous bills from Orange will be refunded.

All cost to move from Cellcom to Orange will be refunded.

There will be no charge for the Navigators, including no charge for the sim cards.

On Sunday, January 17, 2010 the following items will be completed:
• Move to Premium
• Lazer (Lawrence) Stern will be contact by the premium representative. She will also be an English speaker.
• Descriptions of available programs
• Description for the 100NIS free package for the first month
• Answers related to Marty
• Answer about the procedure to repair or replace broken computer

On Monday, January 18, 2010 the following items will be completed:
• Receive a minimum of 4 Bluetooth headset
• Receive 2 Spirit car phones
• Panel for Nokia phone

On Tuesday, January 19, 2010 the following items will be completed:
• Receive 2 Netbooks
• Receive pouches for all the phones.
• Receive bag for 1 netbook
• Receive replacement navigator

If you have any more to add or have any questions please contact me.

Best regards,


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